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The man we all know as Abu Qasim, a regular at Speakers’ Corner in London for over 10 years, was this afternoon sentenced to prison for 4.5 years.  The trial took place at Britain’s most famous court, the Old Bailey in London.

His real name is Mohammed Abdul Ahad, 38, of Euston, London.

I asked the Speakers’ Corner roving reporter (an anonymous friend) who was present at the sentencing this afternoon at the Old Bailey: ‘How did Ahad look in the dock?’
His demeanor was low!!
He kept huffing and puffing a bit.
He stood up and was sent down.
Key moment was the tennis match between his defence Barrister and the Judge where she (yes the lady Barrister) was trying everything under the sun to get her mitigations in. Ie carer for his mother, sick brother, was a fool a Johnny English rather than a James Bond, a delusional of low intelligence, gullible and a bad communicator. His previous mental issues at age 14.
The Judge was having none of it and even mentioned he cannot be that bad a communicator if he was making speeches at Speakers’ Corner!
The Judge described Ahad as a compulsive liar and puller of wool over eyes individual and a clear promoter of Terrorism.
4.5 years!
1 year after on Licence.
10 year counter terror database.
Destruction of his Computer hardware software, CD’s and Authentic Tauheed records.
He will have to report everything about his life to Police for 10 years!
Also a previous benefit fraud conviction was also mentioned and although it had no bearing on the terrorism case it showed him of dishonest character yet again.
That is all from your SC roving reporter.

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  1. A sad, pitiful ending to a sad, pitiful saga.

  2. Good job Paul.
    My question is why could not the islamic dawah team at the park save him with the peaceful message of 1slam, isnt it a shame you guys go around trying to save non muslims when it is many of your own who need to be saved????

    • ouch! Many efforts were made to ‘save’ him but some people are just evil.

    • Do you think…people magically become good when they become a Muslim?

      • Abu qasim did not become a muslim, he was born a muslim so this so called message of peace should have been already instilled in him. The question still stands why islamic dawah team goes around trying to save non muslims. Can Sulayman be saved?

      • Muslims are not like missionaries trying to ‘save’ people. Islam is not like that. Dawah is an invitation to embrace Islam – not a magic trick. I know several people who over time engaged with Ahad to try and get him to see sense, and to refute the false ideas about Islam he holds. But all to no avail.

        Many knowledgeable Muslims have spoken to Sulayman. They have refuted his evil ideology, and called him back to orthodox Islam. But his heart is closed. We can’t force people to change their minds. We are not like medieval Christians.

        Islam is certainly about peace – with God, but it is not a pacifist religion. But I do admit it is far less violent than Christianity historically.

      • Troll: Abu qasim did not become a muslim, he was born a muslim…

        Nobody is born practicing you idiot.

      • @ Troll # 75855769

        As noted by Paul not a magic trick and as Patrobin said people don’t just practice because they were born into a Muslim family they themselves still have to make a choice at one point in their life. And can’t answer as I never talked to the man a day in my life. But his fate is irrelevant from trying to call you to the truth.

      • Paul,
        “it is far less violent than Christianity historically”
        Do you have data to support this?

      • Of course. An academic has meticulously documented the horrific influence of the Christian scriptures on world history in comparison with the far less violent Quran: https://www.amazon.com/Laying-Down-Sword-Ignore-Violent/dp/0061990728

      • @ Andy

        Only nation on planet earth to wipe out 3 continents worth of people.

  3. The truth is that Adnan Rashid and Mansur probably didn’t handle the matter too well. But we’re only human.To some extent he took them for a ride, they closed their eyes on it or they chose naively to believe him, even as Paul had duly warned against him. Then there is the matter of Adnan and the famous sheik Faisal video and he hasn’t come clean on that.

    Having said that, I think there is some truth to what Paul said that whatever Adnan has done in the past and not come clean on he now does not come across as a bad or evil person. On the other hand not coming clean on it casts long shadows over his credibility.

  4. The question asked by the troll is not sincere. There is no objectivity, only an incorrect a priori assumption.

    It’s like asking why aren’t Christian missionaries trying to save KKK or LRA members? Why don’t Christians spend as much time trying to save these fanatics as they do with spreading lies about Islam?

  5. So git a quick question for the SC brothers. I was trying to learn more about the UK re these extremist guys a branch off from the madkhali?

  6. Actually there is a memorial at Hyde Park called the July 7 Memorial which is a testimony to how peaceful 1slam is. It is a shame.

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