‘Islamic modernism’ defined

‘Modernist Muslims’ refers to people who believe that Islam (and not merely Islamic civilisation and culture, but Islamic doctrine and law) should be updated to correspond to Western values. This is universally rejected by other Muslims. They are up to 1% of the ummah. Although the West has been encouraging it (together with outright secularism) for several centuries, it is hard to find a believing and practicing Sunni Muslim who adheres to modernism.

At any rate, it has less than 1% following in the Sunni world, and not only no traction but no potential. When Western powers or institutions try to encourage modernism, this only feeds fundamentalist conspiracy theories.

A Thinking Persons Guide to Islam: The Essence of Islam in Twelve Verses from the Qur’an – 2017, by H.R.H. Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad, page 238


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  1. Some of the western values:
    – LGBT,
    – gambling,
    – drinking alcohol
    – fornication, adultery
    – atheism
    – paganism

    Those values are exist before Muhammad (pbuh) was born, therefore those values are outdated. Muhammad (pbuh) came to update those values.
    Islam is the most up to date values.

    • Sam,
      Can you think of any positive western values?

      • @ Andy

        – Doesn’t tolerate injustice from its leaders
        – Bounces back quickly after defeats
        – Takes good care of its poor
        – Equally good fighters on any terrain
        – Less openly racist

  2. Time doesn’t apply to Allah. So the past, present and future is still the same for him. Time is only applicable in this world. If we “update” religion according to humans then God will be out of the question as well.

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