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  1. The Risale-i Nur Collection by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

    “The purpose for the sending of man to this world and the wisdom implicit in it, consists of recognizing the Creator of all beings and believing in Him and worshipping Him.”
    The Rays / The Supreme Sign – p.125

    “Through the light of belief, man rises to the highest of the high and acquires a value worthy of Paradise. And through the darkness of unbelief, he descends to the lowest of the low and falls to a position fit for Hell. ”
    The Words / Twenty-Third Word – First Chapter – p.319

    “He who created the eye of the mosquito is the one who created the sun.The one who ordered the stomach of a flea is also the one who ordered the solar system.”
    Letters / Seeds Of Reality – p.542

    “Do not suppose yourself to be free and independent. For if you look at this guest-house of the world with the eye of wisdom, you will see that nothing at all is without order and without purpose. How can you remain outside the order and be without purpose?”
    The Words / Fourteenth Word – Conclusion – p.184

    “Belief is both light and strength. Yes, one who acquires true belief may challenge the whole universe and be saved from the pressure of events in accordance with the strength of his belief.”
    The Words / Twenty-Third Word – First Chapter – p.322

    “Every village must have its headman; every needle must have its manufacturer and craftsman. And, as you know, every letter must be written by someone. How, then, can it be that so extremely well-ordered a kingdom should have no ruler?”
    The Words / Tenth Word – p.60

    “Yes, we look and see that all the atoms in blood are so orderly and perform so many duties that they are not inferior to the stars. All the red and white corpuscles in blood work with such a degree of consciousness in protecting and feeding the body that they are more efficient than the best commissaries or bodyguards. All the cells of the body manifest such orderly processes and incomings and outgoings that their administration is more perfect than the best-run body or palace. All plants and animals bear such a seal on their faces and such machines in their chests that only one who created all of them could situate those seals and machines in their places. And all the species of living beings have spread over the face of the earth in such orderly fashion and have intermingled with the other species having mutual relations with them, that one who could not simultaneously create, administer, regulate, and raise all those species, and not place that veil on the face of the earth, and not weave that most ornate, artistic, living tapestry with its warp and weft of the four hundred thousand plant and animal species – one that could not do all these could not create and administer a single species. If analogies are made with these for other things, it will be understood that in respect of creation and bringing into existence, the universe is a whole that may not be split up into parts, and in respect of dominicality and management is a universal whose division is impossible.”
    The Rays / The Second Ray – Second Station – p.35

    “The prescription for a sick age, an ailing nation, an ill member, is to follow the Qur’an. (Seeds of Reality)”

    “The prescription for a glorious though unfortunate continent, an illustrious though hapless state, a noble though ownerless people, is Islamic Unity. (Seeds of Reality)”

    “One who does not have the strength to raise and turn the earth and all the stars and suns as though they were beads of a tesbih cannot lay claim to creating anything in the universe. For everything is tied to everything else. (Seeds of Reality)”

    “He who created the eye of the mosquito is the one who created the sun. (Seeds of Reality)”

    “The one who ordered the stomach of a flea is also the one who ordered the solar system. (Seeds

  2. Why include the European Union though in that pic?

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