Bishop Barron: What we asked Pope Francis in Rome

This is an extract from an article by an American Bishop who just had an audience with the pope. I am highlighting Pope Francis’ reported comments about the dangers of gender ideology and the way the West blackmails countries into accepting its degenerate agenda: 

‘I write these words from the Eternal City of Rome, whither I’ve come with my brother bishops from Region 11 (California, Nevada and Hawaii) for our ad limina visit. This is a regular and canonically required trip to pray at the limina apostolorum (the threshold of the Apostles), the tombs of Ss Peter and Paul, and to meet the successor of Peter.

The first official day of the pilgrimage was extraordinary indeed. We gathered early in the morning for Mass in the crypt of St Peter’s Basilica, in the presence of the tomb of the Galilean fisherman to whom Jesus gave the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. And then, just about a half-hour later, we were ushered into the Apostolic Palace, and after traversing a number of elaborately decorated corridors and receiving a few salutes from Swiss Guards (I’ll confess that I rather like the salutes), we lined up to meet the Pope.

Pope Francis was in remarkably good form, especially considering that he is a man of 83 years. He was friendly, warm and energetic, and he engaged with each bishop as we entered the room. Once settled into elegant but rather uncomfortable chairs (one of my brother bishops said he thought they had last been used during the Spanish Inquisition), we commenced an extremely lively conversation with the Bishop of Rome. Francis spoke exclusively in Italian, while about two thirds of us spoke to him in Spanish and about a third in English. It would be impossible to summarise what turned out to be a three-hour dialogue in the scope of this brief article, but I can mention a few major motifs.’

A second theme that the Pope articulated with particular clarity and passion was that of gender ideology. As he has often done in the past, he bemoaned the “ideological colonisation” that takes place when Western notions of gender fluidity and self-invention make their way aggressively into parts of the developing world, often through a kind of blackmail: unless and until you adopt Western values in this regard, we will refuse you material and medical assistance. The Pope’s fundamental argument was biblical. The Book of Genesis tells us that God made the genders distinct and that this difference is key to human flourishing. Whatever seeks to eliminate difference in this arena of life, therefore, is contrary to God’s will.

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