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  1. “free us from evil”

    i wonder what he means?

    is it the blood?
    the suffering?
    the transferring of sins and RAPING the lamb with them?
    is it the cooling off of the father in heaven?
    is it the DEEDS from the jesus flesh?

    is it the RESET button which the lamb pressed?

    all this BS is not needed. Yhwh told the jews that his commandments are to be obeyed and kept and it is only this way yhwh will put his spirit in the hearts and help them draw closer to him

    yhwh says directly with no ambiguity that you do not NEED a TORTURE of x to draw closer to him

  2. in the popes mind jesus could be fully lamb(animal) and fully human (non-animal) , the roman soldier who dropped jesus could be thor.

  3. Willliams you want to be taken seriously no?

  4. The ‘word gymnastics’ these people come up with is insane. They will never be able to harmonize the bible without contradiction.

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