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    According to the Pew Forum, 13 million Christians left their religion compared to almost 5 million converting to Christianity from 2015-2020. In contrast, around 900,000 Muslims left Islam compared to more than 1 million converting to Islam. But it’s not all good news. The number of “unaffiliated” saw a net increase of more than 7 million.


  2. when zakir hussain asked james white which god relies on another’s authority, did u guys catch the facial expression on james white?

    there scholars really do worship a body

    look, just see here

    timeline 5:50 (forward few seconds)

    if that is not a facial expression for a body worshipper, then what is?

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  3. If you guys are so confident then why don’t you ditch your apostasy laws and blasphemy laws for Muslims living in the West?


    • @ Erasmus

      Sooo….in your mind Muslims have secret police in the West carrying out state rulings? We’ve already demonstrated you being ignoramus so why not at this point.

      Also to save you some time from pulling up a random article of your stupid sites, some foreigner killing their child for having a boyfriend doesn’t count and they would be subject to the law even in Islam as one is not allowed to take the law into their own hands.

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