A common myth about Salafi Muslim women in the UK 

‘Empirical research suggests that Muslim veiling in the United Kingdom is largely a personal choice, and this study indicates that Salafi niqab-wearing is no different.  In fact, far from being forced by their families to cover up, I discovered that many Salafi women are subject to considerable pressure to wear less.  The vast majority come from non-Salafi families, and become Salafis as teenagers and adults. Many are converts with other faith backgrounds; the rest are largely from less conservative or non-observant Muslim families.

I have never heard of coerced niqab-wearing, but have met many women whose families implored them, or tied to force them – sometimes threatening violence – to discard their veils and gowns, which they saw as ‘the culture of the Arabs’ or even extremist.’

The Making of a Salafi Muslim Woman, Paths to Conversion by Dr Anabel Inge of King’s College, London, pp. 5-6. Published by Oxford University Press 2017. 

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