Speakers’ Corner news: dangerous extremist Sulayman seen with convicted terrorists. Muslims must watch over this risk in our midst (& not turn a blind eye)

Here is a photo of Speakers’ Corner regular Sulayman with his mate Brusthom Ziamani (left) who recently attacked prison officers at HMP Whitemoor whilst wearing a suicide belt.

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 13.40.38

Look at the company Sulayman keeps: Brusthom Ziamani (far right) who recently slashed prison officers whilst wearing a suicide belt, and (left) Siddhartha Dhar who was Anjem Choudary’s right-hand man, killed in a battle for ISIS in Syria.

How is he still allowed to attend and proselytise at Speakers’ Corner?

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On most Sundays Sulayman can be found spreading his message of hate at Speakers’ Corner, London.

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 14.13.42

Btw the gentleman on the right is not 10 feet tall. He is standing on a soap box.


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  1. He also appears in the documentary ‘my brother the jihadist’ proselytizing with a man who is a convicted terrorist and was also aligned with Anjem Choudhary’s group (this footage goes back about ten years).

    It is time for Muslims at speakers corner beside the usual suspects (Shamsi, Paul, and Hussein) to confront and remove any credibility he might have so as not to spread his extremist views. Furthermore, he should be banned from Speaker’s corner, in my opinion, he is a dangerous man who is has been aligned with extremists for years.

    • I agree too, but I think it would take rather collective and concerted efforts from Muslims and possibly also non-Muslims. Have you seen the vile and filthy language sometimes used when Paul tries to talk sense into their heads? I am rather impressed by Paul and anyone who can stand up to this kind of abuse and language and not be intimidated

  2. @Paul Williams

    What’s the big dawah picture like at the park? How many guys are there like Sulayman and his circle, Omar, Abu Qasim and other guys you have mentioned?

  3. Is Omar jailed or banned?


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