Islam in Britain

In the UK we need an expression of Islam that takes into account the ‘urf’ (customs) of the British people, our culture and ways of doing things.

This is an important part of sharia.

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  1. Embracing democracy, liberalism and humanism after all.


  2. Yes – but I sense this must (it will inevitably) go via a filtration process (existentially for everyone, right now; and yet intellectually on a deeper level, over time, via the scholars) – to discern what parts of ‘urf is halal (lawful), mustahab (recommended), mubah (neutral), makruh (disapproved) and haram (unlawful).

    Halal: being civil to Muslims and non Muslims in the UK; obeying UK laws etc.
    Mustahab: giving charity to the poor and needy, frequently.
    Mubah: visiting Portsmouth.
    Makruh: swearing.
    Haram: drinking alcohol.

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  3. Could you be more specific? Examples? What exactly do you have in mind?


  4. Thats true ,but the customs that are legitimate

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