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  1. Embracing democracy, liberalism and humanism after all.

    • to embrace them, we are allowed to critically assess them first – as any sensible, rational person should.

    • “Embracing democracy, liberalism and humanism after all.”

      As an Englishman i have strong criticisms of these secular ideologies, as so do many patriotic Roman Catholics and Traditionalists (eg Sir Roger Scruton).

      • Could you be more specific? Examples? What customs exactly do you have in mind?

      • The relevant English customs today are shaped by the democratic, liberal and humanist tradition I would say.

      • @ Harris

        Customs are shaped by a variety of factors that has no basis on the post. Customs are still respected regardless as long as they don’t contradict something in Islam.

      • bla bla. What is actually meant by “expression of Islam that takes into account the ‘urf’ (customs) of the British people,” I know I get no answer.

      • @ Harris

        Don’t know anything about British culture as I’m not from there.

  2. Yes – but I sense this must (it will inevitably) go via a filtration process (existentially for everyone, right now; and yet intellectually on a deeper level, over time, via the scholars) – to discern what parts of ‘urf is halal (lawful), mustahab (recommended), mubah (neutral), makruh (disapproved) and haram (unlawful).

    Halal: being civil to Muslims and non Muslims in the UK; obeying UK laws etc.
    Mustahab: giving charity to the poor and needy, frequently.
    Mubah: visiting Portsmouth.
    Makruh: swearing.
    Haram: drinking alcohol.

  3. Could you be more specific? Examples? What exactly do you have in mind?

  4. Thats true ,but the customs that are legitimate

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