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  1. Bickering over nonsense while the rest of humanity moves on shrugging shoulders.

    • @ Harris

      Yeah, the rest of humanity definitely doesn’t argue…like seriously do you even try not saying stupid things anymore?

      • Still waiting for relevant Muslim contributions not to speak of solutions.

      • @ Harris

        Oh, you mean like the time you ran away when I brought up Islamic finances proven to be superior to modern banking practices? So that’s a no, got it.

      • Same as it ever was. Still waiting for e.g. Muslim solutions against US economic sanctions. For starters.

      • @ Harris

        I showed you and you ran away because you couldn’t refute it lol. Do you want me to ask the many people here who witnessed this?

      • Islamic finances. OK. Apply them. Make them work. Do something. Stop waffling. What about economics, housing, employment, trade, education, ecology … Need I go on? Where are the solutions? The world is waiting.
        Muslims are part of the problem, not solution. When Mahdi comes, everything will be fine? It’s a disgrace.

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