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  1. I wish they would also mourn the thousands of Syrian Sunni Muslims who Suleimani helped to kill since he helped Assad.

    Yes, some of the Syrians fighting Assad were extremists—everyone of the extremists were Salafi…surprise!

    Just as a reminder to all, the vast majority of Salafis are peaceful people…only a tiny, tiny minority are violent extremists and this is because of their minimizing the teachings of God in the Qur’an and relying more on the hearsay known as hadith and maximizing the teachings of some of their scholars of the medieval age , a very small amount of which has intolerant and extremist views and a large amount has anti-reason and narrow-minded views.

    But back to the point Suleimani was no saint…yes, thank God he helped defeat ISIS in Iraq but he also helped Assad in Syria and helped in starving Syrian Sunnis.


    • @ Ihsan
      The fact that even on a topic that has nothing to do with Salafis you can’t keep the name out of your mouth speaks volumes.

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    • Lol, this guy seems a bit confused. All the extremists were Salafis, yet the majority of Salafis are peaceful. But the extremist Salafis went wrong because they relied on hadiths more than the Quran. I wonder where the peaceful Salafis went right then? 🤔


    • Those people are upset from salafis because salafis are doing a good job in exposing them.
      Keep up the good work, salafis!

      “But back to the point of the devil Sulimani”
      Thank Allah he got killed. May Allah punish him and those who support him


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