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  1. The textus receptus was providentially preserved so no problem.

    We kept our bad copies unlike the Muslims who got rid of theirs to make it look as if there were never any variations in the koranic text. Or they let the goats eat their sacred texts. lol

    • @ Watson

      Thank you for demonstrating that you know nothing about how either text was preserved.

      1. You did not “keep bad copies” purposefully.

      2. You want a standardized text so you know what is right and wrong dumb@$$. That’s how you stop mistakes and especially in your case forgeries (cue you’re retarded lol)

      3. The issue during Uthman’s s(ra) time was not “variants” it was is this person doing a pronunciation style that I don’t know or not? If you’re going to attempt to attack something at least understand it

      Alright, run along now and enjoy your intellectual b*tchslap for the month.

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