What do other people think about us at Speakers’ Corner?

Yesterday I invited a long standing non-Muslim attendee at Speakers’ Corner to give me his thoughts about Muslim activity at the park. He is not one of the usual Islamophobic suspects who feature on youtube polemics. However, I don’t agree with everything he says (see his comments below re “the DNA of Islam”). But many of his points highlight where we need to improve for 2020.

A bit of background: I was told that Mansur and Hashim were informed about the real threat of extremist Muslims at the park over a year ago. Word got to me yesterday that they deny ever having been told.

I have permission to publish the following piece on Blogging Theology. The author wishes to remain anonymous.


I reiterate

To be clear I had a conversation with Mansur and Hashim at the park when we were putting together the Speakers Corner Development Panel (SCDP). It was a conversation about our collaboration for the future and the safety of all of us at SC and making sure we took out of SC intimidators of any group from which there were many at that time. The Muslim extremists and Abu Qasim and others were mentioned in the flow of the conversation re Muslim threats and that he was an extremist along with Abu Hakeem, Bilal, Suleyman etc. Maybe they do not recall the Abu Qasim bit. He was mentioned there is no lie. I know what I say!!!😉

My recollection is that M and H were very supportive of the SCDP initiative during the conversation and eager to attend the first meeting. As you are aware they did not attend in the end nor have the Muslim groups supported any meetings outside of yourself and one other [Nazam] or have the Dawah representatives attended any meetings either, despite always being invited. It’s a them and us scenario!

This is a clarification of where we are.

My take on this situation is Dawah must survive at all costs!

Adnan Rashid has to protect himself, his income, his ego, his agenda.

Mansur and Hashim are dedicated to Dawah and it’s easier to let others monitor the threats within their own group ie Anwar and Shamsi.

The above is in conflict with the Non Muslims, the SCDP and the police where prevention is better than cure.

Within the DNA of Islam and other groups there is a false brotherhood to which many feel they are part of, this provides a gang culture silence code which is hard to break through, if you wish to question or criticise those within the group. Outsiders to this group are a nemesis and a threat to this brotherhood and so not taken seriously, ridiculed, deviated and called liars when they highlight threats to this group even when they are based on firm evidenced truth.

The above is not unique to Islam and makes the prevention rather than cure ethos of the SCDP and Police difficult.

We need the regulars at SC to be a family and looking out for each other. Maybe this is a pipedream but the initiative has been successful despite this. But we need more honesty and cooperation with each other. Terms like “Cops are the Ops”, codes of brotherhood silence and lies and head burying does not assist the greater worthy cause.

In 2020 we are planning to tighten the collaboration of the SCDP, police and Intel within SC to ensure the future of SC and it’s ethos and the experience for those who attend is safe and enjoyable, whilst continuing the rationale of healthy free speech, debate, discussion and education.

As in the words of the old song unfortunately where we are now is:-

“You can’t touch me I am part of the Union”

My thoughts!!

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  1. I have never attended SC before but from what I’ve seen on YouTube, my general impression is that there are a lot of egos who can’t handle betraying their ‘side’ despite when evidence is brought to light about bad behaviour from some of its members (I doubtless need to mention them by name).

    In addition this tribal mentality has often been the cause for why extremists from multiple groups are able to hide in plain sight and not be exposed more decisively. This also causes the division that the a anonymous commenter mentioned and why such inaction is unsurprising.

    Some possible solutions:
    1. Get rid of the professional cameras

    2. Have tighter enforcement of the rules regarding violence and/or intimidation

    3. A cross-party group committed to ensuring that the safety and security of its members are maintained while sharing information about those they might suspect of being a danger


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  2. excellent points

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  3. If there is just one takeaway from this article I would say it is this:

    Muslims must start taking their wider responsibilities at SC seriously. Come to the meetings!

    Help Speakers’ Corner become safe, peaceful place for debate and discussion in 2020.

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  4. My opinions on the wider issues of speakers corner is that look we all need to appreciate something as unique and exclusive only to England which cannot be replicated anywhere around the world.

    We Muslims should be more so appreciative and protective of this historic landmark because if we have a duty to spread the word of Islam then you can freely do it without any severe hardship, which our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon to him had to go through. Imagine if Prophet Muhammed had the opportunity to deliver Islam at speakers corner, his character and his ethics his love and patience then I think the whole of UK would be Muslim, so point being if we want to represent Islam and the Prophet at speakers corner then our attitude has to befitting to the teaching.

    My advise to the Muslims is that if we are to use speakers corner as a platform to deliver dawah and call people to Islam then we must as collectively working in hand with the police and those people who have the best of interests in combating extremism and violence we must listen to one another concerns and advise regardless of culture customs or picking sides.

    It is a duty upon all Muslim to follow the law if the land and if a brother regardless Muslim is a threat to society then we must to our part in addressing the situation.
    Even a doing a small part as approaching the person and saying you are wrong I have notting to do with you from this point.

    Thank you

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