Further reflections on Speakers’ Corner and our ongoing responsibilities

Adnan needs to be a man and admit it was him with Sheikh Faisal and he knows it was an error and we can move on.

We must not let up on the Dawah guys if they have proven links to extremists as we have our safety to look after and the wider public good.

Adnan says this is only the responsibility of the police. But we all have an important part to play. This should be common sense. Why do so many Muslims I speak to not get it? This is a mystery to me. Maybe there are cultural differences. This raises awkward questions about Muslim integration in the UK.

Unfortunately we have a history of previous connected Dawah attendees at Speakers’ Corner who have now become convicted extremists and actual violent terrorists. For example Khuram Butt was one of the original London Bridge attackers who was a regular at the park. He killed eight people.

We should call out Dawah connections to extremists everytime we find them.




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