A Message from the beyond, Prophetic discourse and a possible means to understand them

If Mohammed had been a false prophet, there is no reason why Christ should not have spoken of him as he spoke of Antichrist but if Mohammed is a true Prophet the passages referring to the Paraclete must inevitably concern him – not exclusively but eminently – for it is inconceivable that Christ, when speaking of the future, should have passed over in silence a manifestation of such magnitude. The same reasoning excludes a priori the possibility that Christ, when making his predictions, intended to include Mohammed under the general denomination of” false prophets”, for in the history of our era Mohammed is in no sense a typical example among others of the same kind, but on the contrary, a unique and incomparable apparition.

If he had been one of the false prophets announced by Christ he would have been followed by others and there would exist in our day a multitude of false religions subsequent to Christ and comparable in importance and extension to Islam.

The spirituality to be found within Islam from its origins up to our days is an incontestable fact, and “by their fruits, ye shall know them.” Moreover, it will be recalled that the Prophet in his doctrine has testified to the second coming of Christ without attributing to himself any glory, unless it be that of being the last Prophet of the cycle and history proves that he spoke the truth, no comparable manifestation having followed after him.

– a quote from the ‘Transcendent Unity of Religions’ by Frithjof Schuon

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  1. A beautiful quotation!

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    • yes by a universalist opposed to your exclusivist agenda


    • Indeed it is! An argument for the Prophethood of Muhammad based on a purely religious ground is a rarety as we are often forced to implement, even with one another, secular arguments that are falsely perceived as ‘middle ground’ and ‘without bias’.

      The truth is that we all have a bias and it’s important not to be dishonest about it and refer to it when it is necessary to do so.


      One doesn’t need to agree with everyone a person says in order to admire their work and intelligence, whether you like it or not Schuon is a member of what still is a young and pregnant Western Islamic tradition who is representative of a time of greater freedom of thought and interest in exploring the relationship between East and West.

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