A Message from the beyond, Prophetic discourse and a possible means to understand them

If Mohammed had been a false prophet, there is no reason why Christ should not have spoken of him as he spoke of Antichrist but if Mohammed is a true Prophet the passages referring to the Paraclete must inevitably concern him – not exclusively but eminently – for it is inconceivable that Christ, when speaking of the future, should have passed over in silence a manifestation of such magnitude. The same reasoning excludes a priori the possibility that Christ, when making his predictions, intended to include Mohammed under the general denomination of” false prophets”, for in the history of our era Mohammed is in no sense a typical example among others of the same kind, but on the contrary, a unique and incomparable apparition.

If he had been one of the false prophets announced by Christ he would have been followed by others and there would exist in our day a multitude of false religions subsequent to Christ and comparable in importance and extension to Islam.

The spirituality to be found within Islam from its origins up to our days is an incontestable fact, and “by their fruits, ye shall know them.” Moreover, it will be recalled that the Prophet in his doctrine has testified to the second coming of Christ without attributing to himself any glory, unless it be that of being the last Prophet of the cycle and history proves that he spoke the truth, no comparable manifestation having followed after him.

– a quote from the ‘Transcendent Unity of Religions’ by Frithjof Schuon

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  1. A beautiful quotation!

    • yes by a universalist opposed to your exclusivist agenda

    • Indeed it is! An argument for the Prophethood of Muhammad based on a purely religious ground is a rarety as we are often forced to implement, even with one another, secular arguments that are falsely perceived as ‘middle ground’ and ‘without bias’.

      The truth is that we all have a bias and it’s important not to be dishonest about it and refer to it when it is necessary to do so.


      One doesn’t need to agree with everyone a person says in order to admire their work and intelligence, whether you like it or not Schuon is a member of what still is a young and pregnant Western Islamic tradition who is representative of a time of greater freedom of thought and interest in exploring the relationship between East and West.

  2. Great post ! Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼

    • Kafir, you need a hijab to comment here.

      • Do you need to be a jahil to comment here? A kafir is not required to wear a hijab. Maybe a kafarah is. If you’re so obsessed with kufr at least get your terminology right.

        And now we’re on the subject of “hijab”, let me quote mr. Muhammad Hijab: “I knew this was gonna happen. I knew I was going to give you a free Arabic lesson”.

      • @ Hamid

        I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt because you’re new and so won’t berate your intellect as I’ve made a Ramadan goal not to insult Muslims even though you clearly don’t like me.

        That was not me (more than likely Vax) the trolls on the blog like to sometimes take someone’s name and “pretend” comment. Sure you should’ve given your Muslim brother excuses, sure you should’ve realized I wouldn’t have made a basic grammatical error by calling a female a “kaffir” instead of a “kafara”, sure you should’ve realized I would know basic aqeedah that wearing a hijab doesn’t negate one’s Islam instead of trying to score points with a female, sure you just gave me some of your good deeds for insulting me (ironically in ignorance) and sure you made yourself look like an arrogant (some would put jack@$$ here but not me) but you know what ahki, even after all that I STILL forgive you.

      • @ Hamid

        Still, stewjo004 here just wanna drive home how easy it is. but it’s okay you can apologize to me when you’re ready.

      • Lies your Quran and blog. Are you stupid?

      • @ 88

        Sure Qb and I have two different writing styles, wit and author posts together on his blog but you’re right I’m everybody on the blog doing an elaborate prank on you. How’d you find out?

      • If that was not you I apologize. We have to be just. So I apologize to you akhi.

        But LOL, you, made it a goal not to insult Muslims in Ramadan, akhi are you some kind of malak? So what, by the end of the month you will insult Muslims like it ain’t no thing?

        I disliked you called brother omer a kaffir, to me much worse than an insult, no more, no less.

      • @Hamid

        that wasn’t me who posted that comment as “88”. it was most likely Vax, given his garbage grammar and use of capitalization, when you can see I never used any capitalization for my sentences. i have stopped my trolling and the nonsense that i was spewing out and will no longer post again.

      • @ Hamdi

        Yeah, your poor excuse for an apology means nothing. Man this is just getting worse and worse as you keep talking. I NEVER once called brother Omar a kaffir you just have poor reading comprehension which is why he wasn’t insulted in the first place but as the saying goes common sense isn’t common, let’s read (emphasis mine):

        “Sometimes you don’t need to say anything because at the end of the day, so what? If he is a messenger of God anything THEY say is irrelevant. These are simply distractions to get away from tawheed which is irrefutable. WE don’t always have to sugar coat things. Yeah, this went down, there is a practical reason for it, and? Let’s get back to YOU being a kaffir who disbelieves in his Lord and why.


        As I’m going to again assume English isn’t your first language by “grouping” us together in the sentence that means “we” are Muslims and “they” (i.e. the people trolling) are not. And “we” (i.e. Muslims) don’t have to sugar coat things. Yes it happened but this is irrelevant to you (i.e. non-Muslims) let’s go back to why you (i.e. non-Muslims) are really disbelieving in Islam as this is just a distraction.

        But again, it’s okay you can give me a (real) apology when you’re ready.

      • @ 88

        Oh no you’ll be so missed don’t go 🙄🙄🙄

      • In that case I’m going to assume that English is not your first language as the kaffir sentence should have been in the plural to be congruent.

        I just hope your Arabic is better than your English.

        And do get back to me with some post-ramadan insults, as I wouldn’t like you to break your Ramadan goal of “not-insulting-Muslims”.

      • @ Hamid

        As you’ve already demonstrated twice now you don’t know how to speak English well (again notice Omar the person whom you were wrongly trying to come to the rescue and EVERYBODY else except Hamid understood the sentence) Would you like to take a survey and see if my point was understood?

        Also, this is why we can also put the not insulting Muslims Ramadan goal in there as well (as you don’t understand that sentence either)

        I have to ask were you born arrogant or did it just develop over time?

    • No problem, I’m glad you liked it

  3. @ Admin

    Really I don’t get to defend myself of someone accusing me of takfiri because they don’t know how to read a basic English sentence?

  4. This entire long thread about apologies etc, could have been easily avoided if Hamid would have just asked Omar if brother stewjo had called him a Kafir….

    • @ Agnostic is an idiot

      👏👏👏 Oh well, that requires one not to be arrogant. He knows he was wrong on both accounts, he assumed and you know what they say about it. Instead of admitting he was wrong, he decided to double down and try to blame me. But more importantly, what does Allah say about this? Ahem:

      “Believers, stay away from assumptions and suspicion…” (49:13)

      Now is he going to argue with God Himself that he was wrong, who knows? 🤷🤷🤷 Let’s find out.

  5. Is Hamid QB?

  6. I’m a Muslim. Created the fake “88” to share my real views about Jews. Because I’m a coward who won’t use my regular account, to tell the truth.

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