Another extremist from Speakers’ Corner jailed today

Brexit activist who left former MP Anna Soubry afraid to travel alone in public jailed for harassment.

Amy Dalla Mura was well known at Speakers’ Corner as “bacon lady”.  I debated her a couple of times. She had a deranged hated of Muslims. I am not surprised at all she has ended up in jail. 

Brexit activist who left former MP Anna Soubry afraid to travel in public alone after subjecting her to a campaign of harassment has been jailed for 28 days.

Amy Dalla Mura, who calls herself ‘Based Amy’ on social media, branded Ms Soubry a “traitor” during a confrontation in the central lobby of Parliament during a BBC Newsnight broadcast and disrupted a hotel question-and-answer session the politician was holding with journalists.

The 56-year-old protestor was also caught on camera in Westminster saying she was “on the lookout” for Ms Soubry, as tensions were heighten by Parliamentary battles over Brexit.

Dalla Mura insisted her actions were nothing more than legitimate political debate, and even registered to stand for the English Democrats in the general election against Ms Soubry just days after the MP revealed how afraid she was.

Anna Soubry (Jacob King/PA)

But following a trial at Westminster magistrates court Dalla Mura was convicted of harassment, and was today handed a 28-day prison sentence.

Sentencing, Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said the murder of Jo Cox had left MPs “vulnerable” and afraid that they may be targeted, and said Dalla Mura’s decision to stand for election in Broxtowe showed her determination to pursue Ms Soubry.

“You showed an obsession and fixation with Ms Soubry which has led to you bullying and intimidating, and harassing, this now ex-MP for Broxtowe”, she said.

“People like you stop ordinary decent people from becoming MPs. This damages democracy, because who would want to put up with this sort of harassment?”

Amy Beth Dalla Mura has been jailed for 28 days (PA)

After the sentence was passed, Dalla Mura launched into a lengthy diatribe from the dock, shouting “free speech is dead” and hurling insults at the prosecution team.

Ms Soubry, who quit the Conservatives over Brexit and lost her seat in Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire in last week’s election, told the court that she had been left  “rattled” and fearing for her safety thanks to the attentions of Dalla Mura between January and March this year.

“My fear in relation to this woman and her unusual obsessive behaviour led me to be more frightened than ever before”, she said.

Dalla Mura, a Donald Trump supporter, first confronted prominent Remain supporter Ms Soubry at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in central London, disrupting a question and answer session with persistent questions about Brexit and accusations the MP was “betraying” her voters.

The session eventually had to be stopped but Dalla Mura refused to leave the conference room, and then filmed a video boasting about the encounter.

The second incident was inside Parliament on the night of a crunch Brexit vote, when Dalla Mura appeared behind the MP during the Newsnight broadcast.

Ms Soubry said she was accompanied out of Parliament that night by an aide, and spoke to the House of Commons deputy speaker and the Metropolitan Police the following day.

Anna Soubry in Parliament (via REUTERS)

“I was so fearful for my safety I wouldn’t travel on Tube and wouldn’t use public transport – I was in fear of my safety”, she said.

She added: “I was flinching if anyone was behind me, if anyone came up to me – I didn’t know who on earth they were.

“Remember, Jo Cox, one of my colleagues, had been murdered by a far right extremist with an obsession.”

Dalla Mura, from Hove, denied harassment but was found guilty after a trial.

Amy Beth Dalla Mura (PA)

The judge said at the time: “She knew she had done wrong and thought she had got away with it.

“Her behaviour when looked at together was upsetting and unacceptable.

“I am sure the defendant was involved in a course of behaviour that was intimidating.”

Under the terms of her court bail Dalla Mura was barred from visiting Broxtowe, who is 200 miles from her home, during the election campaign. She ultimately polled 432 votes, while Ms Soubry came in third with 4,668.

Dalla Mura is now banned under a three-year restraining order from contacting Ms Soubry, but can go to Parliament. She will be under probation supervision for the next year once released from prison.


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