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  1. This Steve is the last guy who should lecture people for denouncing extremism, given his support for Tommy Robinson.

    • good point. But he has denounced Muslim extremism at the park when others have failed to do so.

      Its a funny old world.

      • An anti-Muslim atheist denouncing Muslim extremism isn’t shocking. That’s like a Nazi denouncing Jewish extremism.

      • this has been the usual excuse by many Muslims at the park for not calling out dangerous extremists in their midst.

        The world looks on and is not impressed.

        The silence of people like Mansur, Hashim (until very recently) is shocking.

        They were warned a year ago of the threat and did nothing.

        Ditto Hamza..

  2. @Paul
    Two small points: did Atheist Steve really support TR? If so isn’t he using unequal scales? Or what’s the deal here?
    If Mansur, Hashim and Hamza were warned one year ago as you say, then they are not telliing the whole truth in the video, are they? Why couldn”t they disassociate with him when they were warned one year ago?

    Btw I saw your “debate”with Uncle Omar. That man sure has a filthy mouth. I just want to say that I support you 100% there. Surely, he is not good for neither dawah, Muslims or Islam in the park. Or anybody else for that matter .

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