Speakers’ Corner regular convicted of terrorism offences this afternoon at the Old Bailey

Great news!

The man we all know as Abu Qasim, a regular at Speakers’ Corner in London for over 10 years, was at 2.15pm this afternoon convicted under the Terrorism Act of four charges of disseminating terrorist material and one of possessing articles useful for terrorism. The trial took place at Britain’s most famous court, the Old Bailey in London.

His real name is Mohammed Abdul Ahad, 38, of Euston, London. You may recognise him.

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 19.02.52

He was found guilty on all counts by unanimous jury decision. Abu Qasim is now facing significant jail time for spreading the speeches of convicted Islamist preacher and notorious terror recruiter Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal. The published speeches glorified terrorist organisations including ISIS and Al-Qaeda and encouraged listeners to commit or prepare for acts of terrorism.

Matthew Brook, barrister for the prosecution, stated that the published speeches amounted to terrorist publications as they praised terrorist organisations such as ISIS and encouraged listeners to support those terrorist organisations and encouraged both terrorist action and violent jihad. They encouraged others to commit or prepare acts of terrorism. The videos stated that it is compulsory for ‘true Muslims’ to participate in jihad and kill non-believers, so they could “take their place in hell”. They also spoke of children as young as 12 making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).


I understand from contacts within the Old Bailey that when he was taken down Special Branch were waiting to talk to him about other terrorist offences.    

He is now remanded in custody in the high security Belmarsh Prison until sentencing at a later date.

I thank God that this scumbag is now off the streets of London. When I get more information about the trial I will make it known. Until this afternoon it has not been possible to report on it due to contempt of court reporting restrictions. 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Speaking now purely from a Speakers’ Corner perspective here are my thoughts about the bigger picture.

The Good guys

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 19.19.38

Shamsi on the left refuting convicted terrorist Abu Qasim recently at Speakers’ Corner

These are without a doubt the salafis (yes really): Shamsi and his colleagues from DUS Dawah. They have fearlessly confronted the violent extremists at the park: Abu Qasim, Bilal, Sulaiman, Abdul Hakeem and others. All of these are known associates of the godfather of UK terrorism Anjem Choudary. They are extremely dangerous men. All (except Sulaiman) are now banned from Speakers’ Corner. Shamsi has always refused to be friends with these guys or hang out with them. He has publicly disassociated himself from them and explained openly and clearly how their evil ideology is condemned by the Qur’an and the sunnah. He is a role model for Muslims everywhere. 

The Bad guys

These are Muslims who have at one time or another either refused to join in the fight against terrorist ideology at Speakers’ Corner or worse still have deliberately put obstacles in the path of those Muslims committed to the fight against this evil.

I will name names for the record:

Mansur Ahmed


A well known and high profile Muslim who is famous on youtube for refuting Christians and atheists at the park. Just over a year ago when I became alarmed at ISIS supporters activity at the park I decided to publicly call Abdul Hakeem out. I challenged him on camera. As a result I received a huge amount of criticism from many Muslims for my actions which I was told contradicted certain hadith. I invited Mansur to join me in my public campaign to expose the extremists in our midst. He refused point blank. It had nothing to do with him he said, and he didn’t want to get involved with confronting them. I pleaded with him to use the moral authority he possessed to refute these dangerous people publicly and by name as I had attempted to do. But to no avail. Mansur was happy to condemn terrorism in theory but not to lift a finger to confront real propagators of terrorist ideology at the park. I was appalled. Mansur and I were good friends. This incident destroyed our friendship. Last Sunday, he finally joined forces with Adnan and a few others in confronting Abu Qasim. You can see it on youtube. But it was too little too late.

Ijaz Ahmad

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 19.11.57

He runs the Calling Christians website. I invited him to look after Blogging Theology for a period last year. In March I posted two articles about my concerns with Speakers’ Corner and named people who were spreading terrorist ideology there. Ijaz censured my articles and ultimately banned me from the blog I had founded and written for for many years. Though he lives in Trinidad, Ijaz has hampered our struggle against violent extremism at Speakers’ Corner.   

Though these Muslims are not in my view actual terrorist sympathisers, their misguided sense of tribal loyalty to other Muslims puts them firmly in the Bad category. 

COE.TV (Content Over Everything) is a youtube channel at the park run by Leon which has provided a regular platform for known supporters of violent extremism to propagate their vile views. I have challenged him many times about this but he tells me even if Anjem Choudary came to the park he would give him a platform!

Leon is not a Muslim. Leon stands condemned out of his own mouth.

The Ugly guys

There is a person who certainly belongs in this category but as there is an ongoing police investigation it is not appropriate to mention his name at the moment! Regulars at the park can probably guess who I mean. 



For more reliable information about Islam and violent extremism and how to combat it see here

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39 replies

  1. What are your thoughts on Adnan Rashid, Ali Dawah and Mohammed Hijab?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Adnan Rashid has come in for a great deal of unfair criticism recently from certain non muslims. But he is a very effective and moderate dawah cartier.

      I have certain personal issues with Ali Dawah unrelated to this subject so I have nothing to say about him here. However he has spoken out frequently against the extremists at the park. Credit where credit is due.

      I don’t know Mohammed Hijab.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Actually Ali Dawah was against Shamsi refuting the extremists in the park but once he saw Shamsi getting credit for it and lots of video views he jumped on the bandwagon even using Shamsi’s Statement “Im free from you”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Perhaps he changed his mind? We shouldn’t be so quick to judge.
        I’ll admit I’m not familiar with the speaker corner’s adventures but I’m just trying to say that unless there is evidence of Ali Dawah actually ‘jumpin on the bandwagon’ then we shouldn’t say such things.

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  2. This article contains much more information about the trial. It also mentions Hashim and Mansur in connection with Abu Qasim:

    View at Medium.com


    • It’s quite obvious isn’t it? They realized that not calling such people out hurts their own case, and suddenly they wanna join the game. They are just being opportunistic hypocrites. When Paul warned them they just waved it off as not their job and now all of a sudden all are taking turns at him. But hey, better late than never.


      • you have a point


      • But hey, better late than never
        Well, you would have the right to say that if they had brought that man or adopted its extreme views once that are proven. However, the real issue is that those brothers got harassed by some who have a mentality not that different from that one during the period of inquisition, and it’s fueled by the spirit of the western superiority whose people think they they have right to tell people what to do.
        Those muslim brothers are not obligated by any mean to prove that they are free from extremism while nothing has been proven yet. They had already spread their views about extremism. If a man showed up in park, why would they have to give their opinion about him in particular!? Imagine if I stopped a British guy or followed him demanding him to denounce the view of the terrorist Tony Blair?
        I’m glad that those brothers stick to the Islamic principles in this issues even when they confronted that guy. It doesn’t matter if the others like that or not.
        And my advice to my muslim brothers is that they should not give that harassing mentality the advantage to control them. Once you give them the chance, they would not be ever satisfied. Unfortunately, some muslims have fallen to this trap, and that’s why they are always under demand to prove their humanity.


      • No. These guys are not fooling anybody. They only care about themselves. If they really cared about dawah they would have talked to this guy earlier. Especially when Paul and Shamsi Warned of him and Clearly identified him as posing a danger. If they cared so much about dawah, why didn’t they give him dawah back then? Instead they come now lecturing him with flowery speeches: we are a middle nation, we don’t go extreme this way or extreme that way. Too late.

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      • Abdullah1234

        I take it some of those comments are directed at me right?


      • These guys are not fooling anybody
        Why would you assume that they wanted to fool others in the first place? In fact, why would you assume that their goal is to satisfy you?

        Too late
        For satisfying you? Maybe! But their goal was not you, believe me. Their goal is to stick to the Islamic principles in these issues as I said before, and they did that very well. By the way, what Shamsi did is good as well, but as you see Shamsi did discuss with that that muslim, and tried to correct him by Qur’an and Sunnah, and prevent Tomy’s fans to stick their noses in the middle (watch 8:00′ & 10:00′) of his video, which is not acceptable according to harassing mentality (either my way or you’re against me).
        Again, those brothers form the beginning said they had not brought that man, and they are not interested in following suspicious men at the Park. Also, they didn’t prevent others to go police to provide their evidences.

        flowery speeches
        It doesn’t matter what you think. What they did was a great job.


      • @Paul Williams
        Do you really want to open this chapter?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I take it is a yes from you then? Why the strange mysteriousness.


    • too little too late for Hahim and Mansur


  3. “we persecute the fuckers”


  4. Crocodile tears from someone with an explicit anti-democratic, anti-liberal, anti-humanist agenda.


  5. Thanks you for this Paul. As a fellow Muslim I support you with everything you are doing. Keep up the great work

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  6. Are you still Muslim?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Paul, can you clarify one thing for me please? Atheist Steve put up a video of him calling out Abu Qaseem, while he was apparently(?) filming for Adnan and Mansur(?) He claimed the video was shot in mid. August 2019 and Adnan seems to defend Abu Qaseem. If this is true and they knew about him it would seem that Adnan (and Mansur if only tacitly) not only let him film for them but downright stood up for him?! Can this really be true? Why would they do such a thing?! At any rate, I think you are a hero for publically calling him out when others were unwilling to do so! Keep it up and stay true to yourself!

    Liked by 1 person


  1. Anjem Choudary Supporter Confronted by Shamsi | ModWestMuse
  2. A clarification concerning my views of Mansur at Speakers’ Corner – Blogging Theology

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