My Latest Video – On Veganism: What about the plants?

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  1. Too long. Boring.

  2. Do want advice or not? Begging for money looking like a slob. Do you call that following the prophet saws?

  3. That awkward moment you’re an advocate for halal slaughter but try to appear unbiased about the topic of animal agriculture lol

    • That awkward moment when a shrieking harpy pretends to know what halal slaughter is, lol…

      • Of course I know what halal slaughter is, it’s a barbaric practice carried out by a barbaric group of savages.

      • Lol, so you don’t know what it is. Thanks for confirming that you’re just a loudmouth harpy. 🤣

      • I’m pretty sure everyone in the English speaking world knows what it is, it isn’t exactly a complicated concept.

      • Sure, sure. Most people in the English-speaking don’t know where to find the Canada on a map, let alone actually know what something like halal slaughter actually entails. 🤣

      • Nothing justifies needless slaughter, certainly not wearing a towel on your head and praying to a sand god.

      • 🤣 The ignorance parade comes fill circle! We have a racist vegan harpy on our hands! 😂

      • What does criticising Islam have to do with racism ? You people are insufferable

      • Dummy, referring to turbans as “towels” is not racist? Listen, you little punk, most Muslims don’t even wear turbans. Furthermore, racists often use the term “towelhead” as a derogatory term. Let’s face it. You’re just another piece of crap troll who has decided to interject your meaningless and idiotic opinions where they don’t belong. Maybe you have too much time on your hands?

      • Amanda is a full time racist.

      • Islam is an ideology, not a race.

      • Hey little harpy, let me ask you. Are you one of those people who does not consume any animal products, even milk? Or eat anything made from animal products, like cheese?

      • @ QB

        Oh, she’s one of those “edgy I use to cut myself in Highschool for attention atheist” and I guess that was supposed to be some poor attempt to get us “riled up” because nobody cares for her emotional arguments of I feel this way so the whole world has too as well. Ohhhhhh…” towels” and “Sand god” real original.

        Also, to further show the stupidity of her beliefs why should we NOT be even crueler? We’re the apex predators of all continents on planet Earth. And for FURTHER emphasis of her retardation, the entire concept of “as long as it doesn’t harm another” philosophy is based entirely off of Christianity. This person is so lost they don’t even have a path to follow.

      • Amanda: Nothing justifies needless slaughter, certainly not wearing a towel on your head and praying to a sand god.

        How many abortions have you had?

      • @ Amanda

        Seriously you’re trying to back out of your racism now, lol? You said quote:

        “…certainly not wearing a towel on your head and praying to a sand god.”

        I’m sorry would the people (other than Muslims btw like Sikhs) who wear this appreciate their attire to be referred to as “towels”? And as Qb, noted this is usually associated with the derogatory term “towel head” let’s pull up a definition:

        “Towelhead, an ETHNIC slur for people of Arab descent…”

        So yes this is a matter of racism as to best of my knowledge NOBODY here having a conversation with you is an Arab nor are Muslims required to wear a turban (unlike say Sikhs who do have religious rituals associated with the garb)

        Now, what about the mentioning of “sand” in the “sand god” part of your comment? Please show me a verse from the Quran where it states specifically being a god of sand. Now, why pray tell did you mention this? Now yes we can say you probably were thinking along the terms of “sand nigger” but no doubt you were associating Islam with the Middle East (when the majority of Muslims are actually Asian)

        Either way, the cookie crumbles NEITHER your towel nor sand comment have any association with Islam you were making an ethnic slur in an attempt to offend us because you’re (see I used both right this time) a racist who ignorantly thought we we’re Middle Eastern.

        So now it’s been established not only are you stupid and arrogant but also a racist. Man, you’re just a terrible all-around human being who’s ugly on both the outside and within and I feel bad for all the people who have to spend time in your company

      • Race has nothing to do with the barbaric, stone age practices of Islam. It is an inferior way of life that should not exist, despite what races choose to practice it (currently there are many different races of Muslim people.)

      • @ Amanda

        Well, admission is the first step on the road to recovery. Proud of you.

      • Hey racist harpy, you didn’t answer my questions. Do you consume animal products at all?

        By the way, no one cares if you’re a “critic” of Islam. You’re just a useless, ignorant troll. Why should anyone care what you think?

      • @ Amanda

        “currently there are many different races of Muslim people.”

        Oh, this is too hilarious, you made a super racist statement and are now trying to act “informed” to the person who had to explain it to you. Like seriously I’m the one who had to tell YOU that, lol! You thought all Muslims “wore towels on their heads and prayed to a sand god” because you assumed we were Arabs.

        “of critics does not dismantle their arguments.”

        Now moving on person who is clueless about the world, you have yet to present any arguments to dismantle, lol. You gave your poor, naive opinion acting as if fact and nobody cared while ignoring actual points brought up:

        (just quick recap, 1. Is animal raising and slaughter two separate issues? 2. Do animals kill? 3. What is the effect of cutting someone’s carotid arteries? 4. Do you use any animal products?)

        Nobody cares about your opinion as the world doesn’t run off it (again I know in that sheltered life they told you this but it’s not the case). Since you’re new around here I’ll give you some advice, if you have some sort of PROPER argument to make (that means something other than your feelings) then do so, if not stfu. Pretty simple.

    • That awkward moment when you leave a comment with zero critique of the actual content she’s commenting on, but instead utilises an ad hominem fallacy as though it has any critical worth lol

      • That awkward moment quranandvileblog

      • That awkward moment when the Agnostic doorknob uses more than 2 words, and still fails to make a valid point or even a coherent sentence. LOL!!

        Are you calling the Bible vile? Some parts are, but there are good parts as well.

      • @Yusuf

        Trolls will be trolls…

      • I stand by what I said, there is no justification for animal exploitation. It is needless and therefore unethical.

      • Stand by what you want, it’s still fallacious and your argumentation is shoddy.

      • Actually there is nothing fallacious about the fact that animal slaughter is unnecessary and therefore unethical. It’s a perfectly sound point.

      • No its not sound. Because it doesn’t follow from the fact that something is unnecessary that it is unethical. For example: it is unnecessary that you reply to my comments, therefore it is unethical that you respond to my comments.

        unnecessary ≠ unethical

        Your argument is fallacious.

        Feel free to make it a little more complex and you might just maybe get close to valid. But you’re miles away from sound with what you’ve provided so far.

        Remember not to reply btw. Wouldn’t want to be unethical and do all these unnecessary things.

      • Replying to your comments is not slaughtering you and therefore causing unnecessary suffering.

        The reason that animal slaughter is unethical is because an innocent victim is suffering unnecessarily.

      • Ok so the argument is developing now and becoming a little more complex.

        So its not just simple whether or not something is necessary or unnecessary.

        There is now the added premise of whether it is suffering.

        So now this begs the question. How do you determine whether suffering is necessary or not? And how are you determining how much the animal suffers? And what degree of suffering is wrong?

      • We know that animal products are unnecessary for human consumption, so it follows that the slaughter of animals for food is unethical.

      • Also just so you know, before an argument can even be considered sound it needs to be valid.

        In order for it to be valid, the premises and conclusions need to follow from one another clearly. So long as you leave certain statements unjustified or unexplained with huge gaps in your reasoning, I will get you to expand on this argument and reveal the hidden premises. If you continue to do this with me you can get to the point where its a valid argument, at which point we can argue on the specifics and figure out whether or not its actually sound.

      • Maybe an easier way of phrasing this next stage of questions is:

        What are the conditions you believe cause pain/suffering to be necessary/unnecessary?

      • If it is required to survive or thrive then it is necessary.

    • That awkward moment when your too dumb to know animal cultivation and slaughter are two separate and unrelated topics.

    • Thank you for exposing the muslim apologetic hypocrisy once again.

      • @ Harris

        Thank you for exposing your retardation once again.

        1. Not hypocrisy as raising animals and slaughtering animals are two separate issues. For example, I can have animals grow up grazing free and then torture than to death or I can have animals live in their own filth in cages pumping them full of a corn paste and then shoot them in the back of the head.

        2. Harris I didn’t you know you were a vegan? Surely, soy boy that’s why you commented and weren’t being hypocritical yourself?

  4. @ Amanda the Kafara

    Thank you for the correction doesn’t mean your argument any less stupid oh lady with 1st world white girl problems. Simple question

    1. Is animal raising and slaughter two separate issues?
    2. Do animals kill?
    3. What is the effect of cutting someone’s carotid arteries?

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