My Top 4 Self-refuting Claims – by Twitter Atheists

You will recognize a self-refuting claim when you see it, just stay vigilant.

I have had multiple (heated) conversations with atheists (and ex-Muslims) on Twitter. In numerous cases, the conversation drifts towards subjective vs. objective morality and the freedom to blaspheme religions. In these two contexts, I was able to spot many self-refuting claims that were made. Here are my top 4:

[1] Using this logic, the idea of “ideas don’t have rights, people do” doesn’t have a right, can be mocked and ridiculed which basically undermines its narrative.
[2] Basically the same statement made in the previous tweet. This one is made by an ex-Muslim defending the right to blaspheme against religions.
[4] Then one can use your statement against you by saying that your opinion “everyone’s opinion isn’t equally valid” isn’t equally valid as well.

The general meaning or intention behind these tweets might have been nice or even valid. However, framing your opinions in a coherent and logical way is vital, specially in the context of a theism-atheism debate. Don’t get me wrong, theists also make self-refuting claims, I’m just pointing out from my own experience which was primarily with atheists.

You can familiarize yourself with more examples of self-defeating statements by checking this article by Dr. Sean McDowell.

Stay safe!

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  1. Reblogged this on The Quran and Bible Blog and commented:

    Atheists are so stupid! 😂

  2. Your argument is based on the claim that somehow you have the one truth. You cannot show that your version of Islam is the right one nor that your god exists. You have a baseless and subjective opinion.

    Christians and Muslims (and other theists) want to claim that their god exists and objective morality come from it. However, we can see that this is not the case since every believer has their own version of what this god wants. You can’t even convince each other. All we have are all of you insisting that “real soon now” your god will come back and everyone will be sorry they said that they didn’t need you or your god.

  3. I think he was challenging you to provide an empirical foundation for your islamic blasphemy law.

    I think your answer, a strawman, proved his point.

    • What? He didn’t even mention the word blasphemy in his comment !
      You prove my point that the behavior of atheists is cultish.
      I’m not even challenging the opinions of these atheists in my post. All I’m doing is pointing out their stupid self-refuting claims. Your guy here made a red herring.

      • Don’t mind Watson either (aka Iggy). He’s one of the resident Christian clowns who also has to occasionally eject some hot air. This clown believes the earth was created on October 23, 4004 BCE at 6pm. Nuff said…😂

    • Duuuude … Ryan Reynolds was born on Oct. 23 .. no way !!! 😀
      He’s Christian? Why is he cultishly siding with atheists who make red herrings when the Bible speaks against blasphemy & commands punishments for it. Lol

      • Because he’s an Islamophobe. His bias against Islam causes him to release his hot air whenever a Muslim is involved in a discussion, even when the topic is not Islam, as in the present case.

        Ryan Reynolds, huh? You know I thought it was a guy named Jeff who was Yahweh’s roommate when the earth was created. But maybe it was Ryan Reynolds. 🤣

  4. From your twitter comment you assume that to respond harshly to blasphemy must be right but you give no indication of what the word means in your religion. Seeking to gain an advantage by not defining your terms?

    Maybe you could give us the Sharia definition of blasphemy and enlighten us all.

    • Maybe you could give a definition of what blasphemy is in your Bible.
      Maybe you could give a comment that is relevant to the topic of my post.

    • You see bro? Just hot air. Nothing relevant to add. I think it’s probably because he doesn’t quite understand the subtleties of logic and debating. That’s what you get when you deal with a young earth simpleton, I suppose.

      Oh and I should have mentioned this before, but Iggy is one of those Christians who suck-up to secularism.

  5. Does Sharia also define what “intellectual dialogue” is or isn’t? I’m betting it does.

    • Intellectual dialogue, such as evidence-based discussion; something Iggy knows very little about. 🤣

      The Quran talks about the proof of God by looking at the signs all around us (e.g., in nature). So yes, the Sharia does define intellectual dialogue. But again, Iggy would know very little about that.

  6. Does the Bible allow you to go on Twitter?
    Does the Bible tell you to be intellectual and to stop making red herrings?

    • What can you expect from him? If you ask him to prove the earth is 6000 years old, he will ask you to prove that it’s NOT 6000 years old. If you ask him to prove that rabbits chew the cud, he will ask you to prove that they DON’T chew cud. You need to understand that you’re dealing with an intellectually-deficient Christian apologist.

  7. Dude you need to learn the difference between mocking and ridicule and proving a point.

  8. 1) yes you can ridicule his idea, that the concept, not a sophism. Muslims are unfamiliar with the notion of freedom. By taking a opposite route you admit that cannot oppose atheists.


    4?) He gave the standard definition of subjectivity, but some subjective thing are objectively proved right (earth rotation by Aristarchus before foucault’s pendulum).

    • @ rakat23

      “Muslims are unfamiliar with the notion of freedom.”

      Oh, great googley moogley now that you have told us we see the error of our ways!!! Thank you, oh Western philosopher whatever would we have done as a civilization until you came along! Sure our empire spanned multiple continents uniting a variety of peoples but no it wasn’t until you we could enjoy stability and freedom. U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

      In all seriousness now let’s start simply because this seems to always be “buzz words” people try to throw out to win points, define for us “freedom”. Also, I will argue conclusively that none of you possess this abstract concept (the ridiculous amounts of taxes imposed by the government is enough proof that) and in reality are oppressed and censored heavily they just make smug people think they are “free” by simply increasing the standard of living for citizens.

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