The reason why I will not be voting in the forthcoming General Election in the U.K.

As a Muslim this is why I will not be voting in the forthcoming General Election in the U.K. on 12th December 2019:

It is haram.

Put very simply:

1) Legislation belongs to Allah alone and is sovereign.

2) Thus Parliament claims sovereignty and the only source of power to legislate.

3) Muslims must follow 1 not 2.

Sovereignty belongs to Allah. If we choose to give it to another by voting for an institution that claims a rival sovereignty (that can and does call black/white) are we not committing shirk?

Muslims of course are obliged to follow the law of the land – as long as it does not require Muslims to do prohibited acts such as eating pork.

Ruling on democracy and elections and participating in that system

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  1. hilarious

  2. I agree. Here in the USA, u get the option of Donald Trump or Crooked Hillary, I mean is that even a choice? lol. Sovereignty is for Allah and him ALONE!

  3. Sheikh Munnajid is speaking about thinking democracy is a superior system. He has been VERY clear democracy is not shirk and Muslims should vote:

    “No one should imagine that anyone who says that it is OK to vote is thereby expressing approval or support for kufr. It is done in the interests of the Muslims, not out of love for kufr and its people. The Muslims rejoiced when the Romans defeated the Persians, as did the Muslims in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) when the Negus defeated those who had challenged his authority.”

    2. it is permissible for a Muslim who enjoys the rights of citizenship in a non-Muslim country to take part in elections and the like because it is more likely that his participation will bring benefits such as presenting a true picture of Islam, defending Muslim issues in that country, supporting the rights of religious and other minorities, strengthening their role in circles of influence, and cooperating with reasonable, fair-minded people on a basis of truth and justice. That should be in accordance with the following guidelines:

    (i)The Muslim participants should intend thereby to serve the interests of the Muslims and ward off evil and harm from them.

    (ii)The Muslim participants should think it most likely that their participation will have positive effects that will benefit the Muslims in that country, such as supporting their position, conveying their requests to the decision makers and those who are in charge of the country, and protecting their religious and worldly interests.

    (iii)The Muslim’s participation in these elections should not lead to him neglecting his religious duties.

    As Yassir Qadhi has noted there is NO scholar in the world who says democracy is shirk this is something that just spread from people (@ 1:00:45):

    Actually pretty much every scholar I have ever read has told Muslim minorities to vote. I just don’t do it because it doesn’t actually affect anything and its a stupid system. But to say its shirk is incorrect as no one believes they can create legislation of halal and haram. This is just telling these people to recognize it as halal or haram.

  4. Paul,
    does this mean you’ve never voted in England since you became a Muslim ?

    When you say “the sovereignty belongs to Allah”, does not that also include the sinful things that God has allowed to happen ?

    Why has God allowed things to happen like
    the break up of the Islamic caliphate ?

    and the secularism in the world,
    nominalism, idolatry, adultery, wars, rapes, divorces, abortions, homosexuality, gender confusion and transgenderism, etc.

    Why has the sovereign God allowed all these things ?

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