Filmed on Sunday at Speakers’ Corner: defending the honour of Adnan Rashid & the serious failures of dawah carriers

“Paper Boy Calls Out Adnan Rashid In Light of Recent Legal Charges Against A SC Camera Man” – and my response.

Part 2:

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  1. Watched part 1. You also have a double standard by naming the atheists and Christians in part 1. However, you won’t mention the names of the Muslims who won’t confront the terrorists. And the Muslims who criticize you. You mention Ali Dawah. But they’re a few more.

    Apologise if you mention their name in part 2. I did not watch it.

    You know they won’t confront terrorist. And they criticize you when you do it. Why are you protecting them. The new believers they give dawah. Will be influenced by them. As a result, by protecting them. You will possibly make it worse in the future.

  2. @PW

    Much respect for calling out terrorist dawah carriers in the park. You are a shining example in this regard. Keep it up! Weeding out wrongdoers and not shying away from airing “dirt laundry” in public to use Hashim’s words, can only make Islam stronger.

  3. The hypocrisy. This blog is the home of hate speech. Just one recent disgraceful example of many.

    “Exactly. Kennywise just keeps exposing his true, demonic nature. Rats like him do not deserve any sympathy or compassion.”

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