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  1. Not just LGBT and abortion. Also #metoo, critical race nonsense, drug legalization, break down of traditional gender roles, and on and on. Differ with the left in any way on any of these issues, and you are a bigot, misogynist, racist, homophobe who needs to be cancelled, fired from your job, maybe put in prison or deported.

  2. Paul, that is because many times those on the right are bigot, misogynist racist pricks.. Ive seen them with my own eyes here in the US. Both Right wing and left wing are full of idiots..

    • @ Agnostic is an idiot

      Agreed. We are in an awkward place when it comes to politics.


      I would like to motion for you to change your name to “Helge Beck is an idiot (or dumb@$$) in honor of the new mantle taken up by our “new” leading atheist troll on the blog.

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