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  1. 68th street & 5th ave brooklyn

  2. Typical. Can’t even organize a proper place to pray.

    • have you considered the great difficulty Muslims have finding somewhere to pray Jummah?

      • Christians in the West have churches, megachurches. The Jews excel in wealth and intelligence. Hindus have their temples, Buddhists their dojos. Only the Muslims pray in the dirty streets on cardboard looking like slobs. You know it’s true.

      • On juumaa you should put on good clothes, look and smell nice, not sporting the bum style you see with Muslims in the West. It’s all fake 5 minutes then rushing back on the smart phone.

      • Hey bulge, what’s wrong with praying outside? The whole earth is a place of prayer to Muslims. And by the way, I have seen Jews praying on the sidewalks. It’s nothing unusual, unless of course you are a dumb as a doorknob moron named bulge.

      • @ QB


        Short retarded answers completely unrelated to the topic?
        Borderline communist view of economics?

        You might be onto something here QB…

      • O you who have believed, when [the adhan] is called for the prayer on the day of Jumu’ah [Friday], then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave trade. That is better for you, if you only knew. And when the prayer has been concluded, disperse within the land and seek from the bounty of Allah, and remember Allah often that you may succeed. (Quran, 62:9-10)

        You see bulge, Muslims follow the commands of God. He has told us to join in the Friday prayer, leaving business and fun, for His remembrance. When the khutbah and Salah are done, we are allowed to go back to our lives, until the next prayer.

      • “It’s all fake 5 minutes”

        how does a crosstian know the inside of a heart ?
        Who the fuck gave you authority to say “its all fake” ?

        is it your self righteousness you are seeing in others?

        and when did christianity give a toss about actions?

        even if for that FIVE min God revealed that it was pure as white snow, why would crosstianity care ?

        christians suck off the blood from a body to remind themselves what dirty fithy excretions stains they r.

        can an EXCRETION stain judge another human?

      • “He has told us to join in the Friday prayer, leaving business and fun, for His remembrance.”
        How sweet, romantic. They cannot stop texting even during khutba. Many of them are asleep as they have to sit through something in a language they do not undestand. You see, idiot, it is true.

      • Lol, the bulge is upset!

        First of all dummy, I don’t know where you’re getting your information from. What do you do? Go to a mosque and observe? 😂

        Second, the khutbah is usually given in Arabic along with English (or whatever language is spoken). So there is no reason why no one would understand it. It may be true that some khatibs only give their khutbahs in Arabic, but that is the exception based on my experience.

        Third, again based on my experience, most people tend to listen to the khutbah. I can’t speak for everyone of course, but neither can you moron. I have hardly ever seen anyone on their phone while the khutbah is being given.

      • @ Helge

        Yeah can pretty much say QB’s experience is similar to mine:

        1. Text during the Khutbah

        Won’t say its impossible no one has NEVER done that ever but most people turn off their phone before they go into the masjid.

        2. Sleeping

        Occasionally from old men? You gotta remember Jumuah is not long. Its about 30-40 min and an hour is considered VERY long and will usually get complaints. Even then I personally think we should make them even shorter because Prophet Muhammad’s(saw) wasn’t even that long.

        3. The language they don’t understand…

        Not really? Most people either:

        A. Do all English, then all Arabic
        B. Alternate between English and Arabic
        C. English sermon while doing the bare minimum of Arabic

        The worst I’ve ever heard of (note not seen) during Jumuah is some 12-year-olds kept playing soccer while Jumuah went on then they did a sermon and that was the end of that.

        It’s weird with all your collected “knowledge” of Islam you (and attending so many) that you didn’t know that most people are respectful of Jumuah?

      • I think bulge has nothing better to do on a Friday, so he dresses up as a Muslim, puts on a fake beard, and spies on the congregation while taking notes.

      • @ QB

        Ahhh…the Jay Smith experience.

    • Typical. Another dumb comment by bulge/doorknob Jr.

  3. ((((I think bulge has nothing better to do on a Friday, so he dresses up as a Muslim, puts on a fake beard, and spies on the congregation while taking notes.))))
    Yea and is the one who is on the phone and then falls asleep and after waking up counts himself as a way to say that muslims are doing what he’s doing.

    And we have come a long way from what the actual topic was but then again we shouldn’t be surprised by these buffoons.

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