Modern definition of Atheism

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We see in many debate groups in and around atheist circles that atheists consciously define the term atheism, as modern meaning of Atheism which is “the belief that God does not exist” [1]

However, when pressed on the subject of god and it’s evidences they very quickly subtract it’s initial meaning and hide behind the old meaning of the term, atheism as “lacks belief in the existence of God” [2] (which came about in the late 16th century). As a cop out to avoid articulating a sound reason using data and evidences for their (by definition) belief, as they do with theists. In doing so contradicting themselves.

Modern definition of Atheism

Atheist are not only obliged to formulate a logical reason for there beliefs with data and evidences like they would request theists, but cannot even claim atheism as intellectual position rather a religious claim.

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