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  1. Any skeptics want to voice their opinion?

    • only thing they should be skeptical about is their sexuality

    • If there would be revealed a prophecy about fools not getting any attention on twitter trying elsewhere what would be your reaction?

      • Hey, it’s just a question. You can answer or not. I just want to see how fools like you, who apparently have nothing better to do than to troll random blogs, would you react when you see evidence that would challenge your atheistic cult. I mean you morons are always clamoring for “evidence”, but what would you do when you actually see such evidence? So ahead bulge, let us know how you would react.

      • Well bulge, no answer then? Alright, thanks for playing!

      • @ QB

        Whelp let’s appreciate the following:

        They swear on God with their most ‘serious’ vows that if a sign came to them they would believe in it. Tell them: “Signs are ˹only˺ in God’s power.” What will make you understand that even if a sign came to them they still wouldn’t believe? I will change their hearts along with their eyes as a result of them refusing to believe in it the first time around. I’ve abandoned them in their sins and defiance and left them wandering around playing. Even if I sent the angels down to them, the dead spoke to them and I gathered all things right in front of them, they still wouldn’t have believed, unless God wanted it. But most of them act and judge by their emotions. (6:109-111)

  2. Better yet how do people reconcile the prophecies made about the conquering of Yemen, Syria, and Persia while the Muslims were preparing to be put under siege by the Quraysh and the Bani Nadir, Sulaym, and Ghatafan?

    Outnumbered by 7,000 enemy combatants?

    Not only did they repel them after a 2 week siege while suffering the Banu Qurayzha’s treason but severe weather conditions and malnutrition!

    Moreover, those three lands would subsequently be conquered!

    • That’s true but I wanted to point to a prophecy that hasn’t yet been fulfilled. Skeptics can make excuses for the prophecy of the conquests but what excuses will they make if they saw a massive gold reserve discovered after the Euphrates river dries?

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