Christian West End Actress, Seyi Omooba, hounded out of her profession

This case of blatant religious persecution against a brave Christian for upholding Divine norms of behaviour demonstrates that freedom of religion is nonexistent for many in Britain.

Quoting this passage from the New Testament on your Facebook will get you dismissed from your job in Britain today:

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 22.03.48.png

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  1. This is Liberal fascism. Dissent will not be tolerated.

    Goodbye freedom of belief.

  2. The thing I didn’t understand from the guy who always trolls your post:

    Being Religious Won’t Cost You Your Job…
    But hiding behind your faith to be homophobic will, and rightly so.

    But my faith doesn’t agree with homosexuality so yeah being religious could cost you your job.

  3. Mohammad Kasim Reed, mayor who fired the Fire Chief.

  4. ken temples pagan religion summarised

    Father is not son
    Son is not father
    Spirit is not son
    Son is not spirit
    son is human
    Son is not human
    father is fully god but not fully triunity
    ghost is fully not but does not have all properties of triunity

    ken temple does not believe in transformers, he does not believe that his god switches, he thinks his god literally exists like the list above

    What a polythiest

  5. I forgot to add that the triunist polythiest believes that his god exists as relationship between selves

    So it is not methaphorical mind love but real action love including beggeting.


  1. Being Religious Won’t Cost You Your Job… – Coalition of the Brave

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