Melchizedek is called Yahweh in the Dead Sea Scrolls

My apologies for the poor quality of the images taken on my iPhone earlier. These are taken from the invaluable scholarly resource A Man Attested by God: The Human Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels by Dr J.R. Daniel Kirk. Many Jewish figures are called ‘God’ in the Jewish scriptures and other non-canonical Jewish writings, disproving the often made Christian claim (by Richard Bauckham for example) that these titles (and their roles) are the exclusive preserve of God Himself.  In the Bible and in the DSS they are not.

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  1. @ Paul

    Don’t Christians try to explain this problem away by saying Melchizedek is just Jesus(as)?


    • the reference is only to Melchizedek, not Jesus.

      Christians can – and do – believe whatever they like.

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    • They cannot say that! Hebrews 7:15 chokes them!
      By the way, I encourage everyone to read Hebrews 7 so that you can see that kind of language and environment in which that text developed. It can be easily used against christians.

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      • I encourage everyone to go to the website and read about this mysterious character who is blessed by ALLAH to be a very honored personage. His birth (according to the Dead Sea Scrolls) – Habakuk commentary?- is in the time of Noah (pbh) and although his parents didn’t make it pass the Great Flood, he was taken up to heaven and given two instructors Gabriel and Michael and then sent down sometime around 16,000 year ago and you can read about him in Sura 18 in the Quran.
        Later, he pops up in the time of Abraham (pbh) as of one likened to a person who has no father or gives him a life of about 700 years which according to logic and the Old Testament would place him thousands of years before father Abraham (pbh)!
        Further, he is the one who must ‘bless the FOOD’ of the people (prophets) sitting at the table before they can eat EVEN THE KING (that is the leader of the Prophets (Muhammad-pbh). The FOOD represent the various peoples in the various Ummahs of the different prophets!
        Time-wise meaning first will come the Messiah kingdom and that will be followed by the kingdom of satan when the Quran is lifted up and THEN we get ready for the GREAT JUDGMENT DAY! The KINGDOM that won’t end! and the time for the great Intersession granted only to Muhammad (pbh)
        Jesus (pbh) admits it best in the Gospel of John when he declares several things. First, his big ‘gift’ from ALLAH is that he, Jesus, gets to lay down his life and also to take it up again such that no one (man, angel, jinn, etc.) can take it from him! And following only his GOD’s WILL, he takes up his life AGAIN with of course ALLAH’s Permission!
        And ALLAH declares in HIS BOOK that different prophets were given different ‘gifts’ or if you want Commandments to help them in HIS PERFECT PLAN! And one of the gifts given to Jesus (pbh) is to follow, WITH ALLAH’S PERMISSION, WHEN TO LEAVE AND WHEN TO COME AGAIN!
        When you are looking at Zul-Qarnain, don’t look at him as the man with ‘two horns’ but look at another meaning for his name – lord (MASTER) of the TWO AGES! And know that an age is not 10, 100 or even seperated by only a 1000 years but seperated by a greater length of time!
        One of the amazing things about this is that the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947!


  2. (There is a popular misconception that the author of Hebrews identifies Jesus as Melchizedek himself. This is not the case, as the author simply says Jesus’ priesthood ‘resembles’ Melchizedek.)

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