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  1. Why you don’t want to have a pride festival for Muhammad?

    • @ Big Daddy (also definitely not a creep name btw)

      sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object
      specifically : a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child


      By neither definition is the Prophet(saw) a pedophile.
      1. Only one wife of eleven was younger
      2. She was in puberty thus not prepubescent

      So with that being said pervert 2 ways, I can blow your little comment out of the water depending on what’s authoritative in your mind:

      1. If Christian (doubt Jewish as they never argue this because they have similar rules) multiple prophets in the Bible had younger wives.
      2. If athiest, agnostic, secular,etc. I can just bust you on age of consent.

      So pick your poison.

  2. Let’s be more specific he’s a child molester. Happy that a better definition than pedo?

    She did not reach puberty since she played with dolls. Many Muslim scholars agree playing with dolls is allowed since puberty is not reached.

    1 Christians don’t have a role model as a pedo to follow. You do.

    2 Agnostic, atheist, secular can improve their laws. Even if they don’t change their law. Let say at some point the minimum age is 18/16/13. You’re over 50. That the minimum. Does not mean you have to go for 13/16/18 years old. Like most normal people they will go for older. Closer to their age. This might be shocking for you. But a lot of people have more brain cells than your prophet. Whereas you’re stuck with a child molester as a perfect role model for eternity.

    Don’t be arrogant especially when a child molester is your role model.

    If you have a 6 years old daughter or sister, would you marry her to a man over 50?

    And would you have sexual relations with a 9 years old kid?

    Would you marry a 6 years old?

    Since Muhammad is a role model for all time please answer those three questions.

    • Big daddy: Let’s be more specific he’s a child molester.

      And you’ve come to that conclusion after going through numerous case studies on child molesters?

    • “You’re over 50. That the minimum. Does not mean you have to go for 13/16/18 years old.”

      biblically ,young pre-teens virginity was tested out via the law of “blood sheets,”
      since pagans could have already deflowered the pre-teens.

      ” Like most normal people they will go for older. Closer to their age”

      from today’s perspective or yhwhs perspective ?

      can an 18 year old marry an 7 year old?

      “And would you have sexual relations with a 9 years old kid?”

      Jonathan AC Brown Salam all, I discuss this at length in my book Misquoting Muhammad. There are all sorts of totally valid Islamic/Shariiah arguments for restricting marriage age in our societies. We don’t/no one has to do things just because the Prophet did those things. But it’s a mistake to project our contemporary conceptions of childhood, maturity, sexuality etc, not to mention current conditions of average age of menstruation, onto the past. The world is a big place, in time and space. Trying to make it all conform to late modern, consumer capitalist views is silly and self-defeating.

      this last comment will shaft u completely:

      The Prophet ate dates. But if you are allergic to dates it would be haram to eat them. In this case you would be following his example by refraining from dates rather than eating them.

      Likewise w the age of Aisha issue.

  3. @ Big Daddy (aka the person with the creep name)

    Let’s now get into it:

    1. It is a consensus she was in puberty. Playing with dolls does not mean you are prebuscent. My mother played with dolls until she was 14 and took care of all her siblings while doing so. The burden is on you to prove with TEXTUAL EVIDENCE she was not in puberty.

    Now onto you attempting to derail:

    2. Actually, Christians do look up to a variety of role models who had young wives dumb@$$. Off the top of my head, Jacob(as), David(as), Solomon(as), Moses(as) and Joseph. Notice I said you never hear Jews make this criticism because they already know this.

    3. My apologies you’re too stupid to understand my argument. So allow me too simplify I am talking about CURRENT laws. Let’s go ahead and review:


    So our numbers range from 12 to 21 (keep in mind the numbers are this high ONLY because of colonialism) So a simple question for you “Big Daddy” (shutters) which age of consent is correct and why? What do you personally consider to be okay?

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