Open Letter to Paul

Reposting an article by Mozer a Jewish writer on Blogging Theology. 

Hi there Saul,

How did 2000 years treat you?

Regards from your religion, she is today the world’s greatest religion, (long story how that came to be). While you were absent she spawned way out of control; I doubt you’d recognize her. She was hangin’ around some bad dudes, and she more-less married into family Pagan. I saw a picture last week of a man bowing to a bronze statue and worshiping the man it represented, while uttering your verses! I know, it’s nuts. [BTW you had a baby, named Mormon.] 

Anyhow, I had a miserable time. Your followers tried to convince us, relentlessly, that you’re Moses 2.0, we didn’t buy it. They got frustrated, so they transformed our families and communities into oceans of blood and mountains of ashes, they tortured us to unbearable extents, and then chased the few survivors into the sea. And we still didn’t buy it.

But that’s not what I was going to write to you. A friend of mine asked, “Why do Jews feel so much rage at St Paul? “, so I decided to ask you. Why do we hate you? Let me help you answer that.

Up until you came around, being a Jew meant to put faith in God alone, and follow His Commandments; circumcise your child, keep Sabbath, eat Kosher, keep Purity Laws etc. We had the bible that was carefully passed down from father to son to grandchild, for hundreds of generations; the tradition that survived the culture winds and forceful decrees; and we had each other- a nation united by its commitment to God’s Word (yes, we were split regarding the details of executing it, but we all wanted to keep it).

Then, you came around. You did away with the Law. You told us it’s too hard to keep. You took the tablets Moses brought down from heaven, you shattered them, and used the shards to sooth your wounds. You revived your dying religion by killing the faith of your fathers. You legitimized wrongdoings of potential converts, by obliterating the Righteous Laws of God. You validated your twisted beliefs, blurred dreams and weird visions, by nullifying and destroying Moses, the prophets and all that they gave us.

For us Jews, your campaign never took off. But your followers abandoned the principles you dared not to touch, and alas, your religion is responsible for more idolatry than any other in history. That, Paul, is your horrendous legacy.


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