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  1. Nothing about sending prophets and books

  2. How about some proof of semitic style monotheism 30.000, 300.000 or 1.8 Million years back. When the first prophet Adam a homo erectus (according to QB Blog) descended from heaven “up there” (according to Eric Kisam)? Still waiting.

    • Now you see, the doorknob just keeps getting dumber.

      I never said Adam was a Homo erectus dummy. I said H. erectus does resemble modern humans, something you have yet to refute. And let’s not forget our Neanderthal buddies either. 😉

      • Agnostic is a Neanderthal himself.

      • I feel that Neanderthals would have had more to offer than the doorknob. Neanderthals gave us cave art. What has the doorknob given us?

      • Doorknob Muhammad gave us – drink camel urine. He is dumber than a Neanderthals.

      • @ Agnostic

        Getting less and less clever as time goes on, eh? Here I’ll help and just give it to you:

        Owww!!! Oh I’m so mad that you are increasing your punishment in the Fire if you don’t stop. Woe is me!!!

        Was that the reaction you were looking for?

        Oh an PS you said:

        He is dumber than a Neanderthals.

        Proper grammar would be “Neanderthal” as its singular. I’ll let the irony speak for itself… bye!

      • 🤣😂🤣😂 Burn!

      • Whining and cringing Pavlov. You argue Homo erectus and Homo sapiens are the same species, so Adam your first prophet is a homo erectus, on top of that a homo erectus sent “down” miraculously from a paradise in outer space.

        Definitely not a natural belief of in the 21 century.

      • Is the sub-Neanderthal doorknob still talking?

        Wrong again, doorknob. I never argued they were the same species. All I said was that H. erectus do resemble modern humans. I did emphasize that Neanderthals should be reclassified as H. sapiens because of the overwhelming evidence.

        Now go back to being the sub-Neanderthal that you are. 😂

  3. Clarification:

    The comment “Doorknob Muhammad gave us – drink camel urine. He is dumber than a Neanderthals.”

    is Not by me. What a bunch of desperate low-lives you are who have to resort to such moronic agitation.

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