Here is incontrovertible proof that Muhammad upon whom be peace, is a prophet of God

Unbelievable miracles of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ foretelling the signs of the last day. From musical instruments to television screens and satellite communication. There is no way he could have known these things, except for the fact he was the Prophet of Allah.

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  1. Amazing. Yes, these are signs of the truth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

    • @ Ihsan

      Yes it is. And they were ALL recorded in hadith. Its like he had some sort of revelation that was written down for us or something.

      • @stewjo004,

        I never said I am against hadith so you are wasting your breath.

        I was familiar with such hadiths many years ago and I have conveyed them to numerous people among family and others for many years.

        Prophet told two of his wives of some matter and they asked how does he know and he said he was informed by God.

        So as a Prophet he can get inspiration in various ways but the fact they were surprised shows that it is absurd to think that everything that came from his speech is a revelation from God.

        Prophet himself thought he had a dream that he should do umrah and so on.

        He went with followers and they were very lightly armed and thus could be hurt.

        His understanding was not totally correct as he had to turn around and do umrah the next year.

        Having visions of the future is not at all the primary reason why the Prophet was sent.

        In fact, Allah says that the he was sent only to convey the Qur’an. This is the tantamount translation for at least a couple if not more than a couple verses.

        His primary reason to be sent to us is not in the capacity of the Prophet but in the capacity of the Messenger.

        God actually downplays the Prophets’s ability to give information of when Day of Judgement will come.

        So this is all secondary.

        And hadiths of the future is just one genre among hadiths on rituals, fiqh, etc. All cannot be lumped together.

        So hadith should be used cautiously.

        The way they are used now in having the Qur’an to be twisted to conform to the hadith is the greatest bidah, innovation, in the history of Islam.

        It is a misuse and abuse of the Qur’an.

        Celebrating such hadiths that are selected out of many hadiths and recognizing the abuse of the Qur’an from the approach to the alleged hadith corpus after informed of the problems of hadith is not something that is difficult but for the sectarians or narrow minded.

      • @ Ihsan

        I understand you…believe part of the revelation and reject the rest. I got you. The hadith made you feel good so you accept it.

      • @stewjo004,

        Hadith as defined as alleged statement by the Prophet is NOT revelation by God

        Even if in a science fiction movie we can have 100% proof that such and such set of statements are really from the Prophet, even then it is sinful to call that set of statements “revelation” of God…a small set may be inspirations of the Prophet but to call the entire set “revelations” from God Almighty is evil to those who are informed properly and to those who realize what is at stake

        As the Qur’an says, people don’t estimate God properly…..God is perfect…He cannot make mistakes

        Unlike the Qur’an, there are many, many contradictions of the hadith with the Qur’an, with other hadith, with established facts, and there are wrong things about the Prophet.

        To say that set is from God is blasphemy

        Hadith is a the greatest bidah on history of Islam

      • Well said brother Ihsan!

      • @ Imran

        There is no “Well said” he is someone who is too lazy to study a subject and prefers to learn from people who claim to have visions that Allah has appointed them the Caliph.

      • @ Ihsan

        And the Quran is an “alleged” statement from God using this reasoning so we should approach it with caution as we were not there when it was revealed nor have we heard it from Allah directly it was copied centuries ago.

        A prophets actions or statements is considered revelation and his command MUST be followed as Allah clearly states.

        Finally, stop saying you are informed when you are not, I am being nice trying to call you back but the reality is according to the majority scholarly opinion you’re a kaffir.

        Islam is not a buffet of picking and choosing. According to your reasoning, ALL the above ahadith were good, alright, the EXACT same process was used on the rest you are rejecting.

        There is no difference between your beliefs and the people of Nuh(as), Thamud, Aad, Shuiab’s people Quraish or the people who refused to pay Zakah. They did not deny Allah they denied having to obey a Messenger’s commands.

        6:91. They did not value God as he deserves to be valued when they said: “God hasn’t revealed anything to a human being…”

        17:94. The only thing that’s really stopped people from believing, when guidance came to them, was that they said: “How could God have sent a human being as a Messenger to guide us?”

        42:51. It’s not appropriate for a human being to speak to God except by either revelation, from behind a veil or Him sending a messenger, who by His permission, reveals what He wishes, because He is the Most High and Wise.

        21:2. Never does a renewed message come to them from their Lord, without them listening to it as a joke,
        21:3. while their hearts are distracted. Those who do evil whisper in secret: “Is this man anything except a human being like yourselves? Are you going to ˹just˺ fall under his spell while you can watch it happening?”

        36:14. I sent two to them but they called them both liars. So I then reinforced them with a third. They all said: “We are among those that have been sent to you.”
        36:15. But they answered: “You’re only human beings like us. The Most Merciful hasn’t revealed a thing; you’re just speaking lies!”

        23:23. I sent Noah to his nation and he said: “Oh my people, worship God, you have no other god except Him. Will you not then take heed?”
        23:24. But the leaders who disbelieved among his nation said: “He’s nothing more than a man like ˹anyone of˺ you. He’s only trying to make himself superior to you! God would’ve sent down angels if He wanted.

        23:31. I then raised up another generation after them,
        23:32. and sent one of their own as a Messenger and he said: “Worship God, you have no other god except Him. Will you not then take heed?”
        23:33. The leaders of his nation, who disbelieved and denied their meeting in the afterlife, and who I gave all the luxuries and comforts of the worldly life would say: “He’s just a man like you. He eats and drinks the exact same things you do!”

        26:153.They responded: “You’re obviously under the influence of some kind of spell,”
        26:154. “because you’re nothing but a man like us. Show us a sign, if you’re telling the truth.”

        26:185. They responded: “You’re obviously under the influence of some sort of spell,”
        26:186. “because you’re are nothing but a man like us. In fact, we actually think you’re a liar.”
        26:187. “So make a piece of the sky fall down on us, if you’re telling the truth.”

      • Stew, shouldn’t you be in Iraq with your salafi brethren? You must be sexually deprived.

      • @ Imran

        Shouldn’t you go learn more about the deen so you don’t say foolish things?

      • @Imran,

        Thanks much bro.

        Yes, Allah says in 4 (82) I think….that if something is from other than God, you would find many contradictions in it….and that is exactly what we find in the hadith corpus—-many contradictions no matter how one splices it and dices it.

      • @ Ihsan

        Still, prefer to talk out of your butt then study I see.

      • @ vulgar stewjo004

        Going into even more vulgar territory than usual rather than provide scholarly engagement.

        Classic approach of many sectarians like stewjo when they are schooled.

        Instead of being grateful of receiving insights, they feel threatened.

        Listen stoogo, maybe not on all matters–but on matters of debating whether all of hadith corpus can be every called revelation, you are a stooge– so listen up,

        If you don’t have anything of substance to say in support or opposition, then stay silent.

        I think there is a hadith like that so follow it.

        And don’t be vulgar.

      • @ retarded Imran

        I know its hard to present facts and not talk out your butt because its much simpler to make baseless claims then believe in Islam in its entirety. But let’s try it out.

        There has been no “insight” as unlike you I have studied the subject from you know Muslims and not men claiming to recieve wahy. If you haven’t studied a subject from qualified individuals its best to keep silent. Further showing your ignorance of ahadith this does not apply when deviants (like the people you blindly follow) when they spout nonsense and kufr.

        And don’t be retarded and study.

      • Stew,
        Yes. Even those who follow Ibn Tamiyya (LA).

        When’s your field trip to Iraq and Syria?

      • @ Imran

        You had time to type that but not enough time to say what university you graduated from? So where was it?

      • Why does it matter where I graudated from? Where did you graduate from? Aren’t you suppose to be in Syria having sex jihad? I thought you were sexually frustrated.

      • @ Imran

        I’m currently in school and have never claimed otherwise. You, however, have insulted Sheikh Bilal Philips (PhD) and Sheikh Assim Hakeem (BA) who are graduates from the prestigious Madina and Umm al Qurra Universities respectively. Since you believe them to be “deviants” (or heretics) then why don’t you show me how it’s done, where did YOU graduate from Imran since you got so many opinions?

      • @sexually frustrated Stew,
        You still didn’t answer my question. Which university did your leader Baghdadi graduate from? I’m still waiting on hearing your experience from your field trip in Iraq. Did you have fun with some of the Yazidi girls there?

      • @ retarded Imran

        To recap:

        1. You’re probably not a Muslim to begin with.
        2. You like to do what is called “projection”. The topic was never about sex but due to your lack of it (because let’s be honest no woman will touch you because you’re weird) You think “Everybody else must not be getting laid as well”.
        3. I’m not even Arab or Persian let alone from Iraq lol.
        4. You have a problem with Allah and His Messenger because I am only saying EXACTLY what they have said.
        5. You have never graduated from a reputable university and so you just make things up.

        Alrighty, I think that covered everything, so I’ll go back to being a Muslim and you go follow whatever you like.

      • Oh my, you’ve caught me! I’m a Russian troll (priviet comrade!) Funny, that the person calling me ‘weird,’ is coming from the raging Salafi deviant’s mouth. Stew, what’s the name of your Yazidi girl?

    • Sorry, I don’t learn the deen from Salafi heretics like you. How are things for you in Iraq?

      • @ Imran

        Oh wow, you called me a kaffir major sin right there. Anyways, I actually haven’t said anything that is not in standard scholarship. Again because neither you nor he study you don’t know that. But thank you for informing me, I didn’t know Imam Ishaq Ibn Rahwayh was a “Salafi” nor did I know Imam Suyuti was a “Salafi” funny that I guess it’s true you learn something new every day.

        Moving on, if I”m a heretic what does that make your side who claims to be receiving visions from Allah about being the Caliph? Let’s read the man whose team you’re riding ever so hard on believes I should learn from, ahem:

        “You were earlier I think attacking the credentials of Louay Fatoohi….I am not sure if you were attacking him since you may have been attacking others.

        Anyhow, this is his book on the subject

        It is the most comprehensive book on abrogation and how this doctrine evolved.”

        I then quoted from the author’s website:

        “I am one of the khalīfas (representatives) of Shaikh Muḥammad al-Muḥammad al-Kasnazān, the Master of Ṭarīqa ʿAliyyah Qādiriyyah Kasnazaniyya.”

        our Present Master Sayyid Shaikh Muḥammad al-Muḥammad al-Kasnazān al-Ḥusseinī (may Allah sanctify his secret) received great good tidings. He saw in a vision that he was visiting the holy shrines in Kirpchina. The area was illuminated and the green flags were raised in celebration of his visit. In a spiritual atmosphere filled with happiness and good news, he was received by the Shaikhs of Ṭarīqa who gave him the good news that he is the khalīfa (representative) of Allah on earth. This is the highest degree of wilāya (sainthood), because it is the status of the greatest representation, which is referred to in Allah’s words: “I am going to put on earth a khalīfa (representative)” (2.30). It includes godly good tidings and emanations and the divine sciences that Allah mentioned in this verse: “He taught Adam all the names” (2.31)

        This godly gift and Muḥammadan present that our Shaikh has been given will have a great effect on the khalīfas and dervishes. It will help them in observing the honourable Prophetic Shari’a…”

        Again NEITHER one of you knows a thing about Islamic sciences. I would suggest you go and learn your religion from those who are qualified to talk about it and gain proper knowledge before commenting. Formal study is an ENTIRELY different animal then watching random clips on YouTube. And IF you decide to do it you will look back on your comments and laugh at how ignorant you were.

    • Stew,
      Baseless claim #1: Where did I call you a Kaffir? Please provide evidence for this.

      Baseless claim #2:
      “Moving on, if I”m a heretic what does that make your side who claims to be receiving visions from Allah about being the Caliph?”

      I’m not a Sufi, so this falls on it’s head.

      Keep trying though.

      You must be really enjoying those courses from Salafi heretics like Assim al Hakim, Billal Phillips, etc. I wonder if they will take you on a field trip to Iraq/Syria? Is that included in your course payments?

      • @ Imran

        1. Is a heretic Muslim yes or no?

        2. It is not a “baseless claim” you’re co-signing Ihsan with all the “Well said!” blah, blah, blah and that’s who he thinks is more qualified to discuss the subject. If you weren’t ignorant (see how this keeps coming up?) You would know Biblal Philips is a distinguished Alumni of Madina University and Assim Hakeem graduated from Umm al-Qura University two VERY reputable institutions. Where did you graduate from Imran?

      • @sexually frustrated Stew,
        You still didn’t answer my question. Which university did your leader Baghdadi graduate from? I’m still waiting on hearing your experience from your field trip in Iraq. Did you have fun with some of the Yazidi girls there?

      • @ Imran

        Since we established you haven’t graduated anywhere quick question fasiq what have I said that is ISIS-related in saying you have to obey the Messenger(saw)?

    • Oh my, I am so sorry! I meant to say deviant. Feel better now?

    • @Stew the Salafi,
      Wow, I’m so impressed! What college did al- Baghdadi graduate from? You must’ve taken some of his courses when you were on your field trip in Iraq. Would love to hear more about it. Please do tell more!

      • @ Imran the retard

        Dang are you still on this? You’ve already proven you don’t know basically anything about Islam (and I am starting to think you are one of those Russian trolls). I never said anything about Bagdadi I am strictly talking from the Quran that you HAVE to obey the Prophet(saw). Just because you have iman and aqeedah issues don’t try to bring everybody else down with you.

      • @sexually frustrated Stew,
        You still didn’t answer my question. Which university did your leader Baghdadi graduate from? I’m still waiting on hearing your experience from your field trip in Iraq. Did you have fun with some of the Yazidi girls there?

  2. That he is a prophet of God for what are these other than prophesies for mankind….and not frivolous prophesies but those that correctly predict the depravity mankind has come into.

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    Was Muhammad (peace be upon him) a true prophet? Yes!

  4. Incontrovertible proof? What? Do you even use your brain? Haram


    Female singers and musical instruments will become popular (at-Tirmidhi)

    There will be no Judgment—until very tall buildings are constructed. (Bukhari)

    Great distances will be traversed in short spans of time. (Ahmad, Musnad)

    The Last Hour will not come before the end of a man’s whip speak to him (telephones). (Tirmidhi)

    There will be no Judgment … until a person’s own voice speaks to him (tape-recorders). (Mukhtasar Tazkirah Qurtubi)

    Women will be naked in spite of being dressed, these women will be led astray and will lead others astray (Sahih Muslim)

    A woman will enter the workforce out of love for this world (Ahmad)

    Children will be filled with rage (at-Tabarani, Al-Hakim)


    Adultery and fornication will be prevalent, this has never happened without new diseases befalling the people, which their ancestors had not known” (Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, & Al-Haythami)

    Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudri narrated that the Messenger of Allah (s) said:

    “By the One in Whose Hand is my soul! The Hour will not be established until predators speak to people and until the tip of a man’s whip and the straps on his sandal (shoe) speak to him, and his thigh (cell-phones) informs him of what occurred with his family after he left.” ([Narrated by Tirmidhi in Jami, Chapters on Al-Fitan (Book-33).

    The talking shoes prophecy has been fulfilled:

    Hamza Yusuf talks about the shoe talking prophecy:

    Large holes will be cut through the mountains (tunnels):

    It is narrated by Sayyidina Abdullah bin Umar that: “When the belly of Makkah will be cleft open and through it will be dug out river-like passage (i.e. tunnels) and the buildings of the Holy City of Makkah will rise higher than its mountains when you observe these signs, then understand that the time of trial is near at hand” (Kitab al-Fitan (1:43 no. 59) and Fath al-Bari (Kitab al-Hajj)).

    “When you see in Makkah that channels have been dug and the buildings reach the mountain tops then know that the hour has cast it’s shadow over you” [Narrated by Ibn Abi Shaybah in Al-Musannaf, Hadiyth-124]

    Mufti Taqi Usmani then explains:

    “This Hadith has continued on records of the last fourteen centuries. The commentators of the Hadith felt baffled, while explaining this Hadith as they could not understand how belly of’ the Holy City of Makkah could be cleft asunder nor could they understand the meaning of digging out river like passages. It was really very difficult to imagine the sense of all these predictions. But by seeing today’s Makkah one feels that the Holy Prophet s.a.w. made these predictions, as if he e was actually seeing with his own eyes today’s Makkahtul-Mukarramah. Previously
    the commentators (Muhaddithin) interpreted this Hadith by saying that in their times Makkah was a dry and mountainous city, but in some future age Allah may cause rivers and canals to flow in that city. However today one feels by seeing these (underground) tunnels how the belly of Makkah has been cleft asunder.

    The other sentence which the Holy Prophet spoke out in this Hadith is that the buildings of the Holy City of Makkah will rise higher than its mountains. A few years ago none could imagine that buildings would be built in Makkah which would rise higher than its mountains, as the city was surrounded by mountains on all sides. But go to Makkah and see for yourself how (high-rise) buildings higher than mountains have been built there.

    It appears from this Hadith, as if fourteen centuries ago the Holy Prophet s.a.w. had seen these changes and conditions with his own eyes. All these things had been shown to him clearly through revelations and light of Prophetic knowledge which Allah had granted him The Holy Prophet s.a.w. has clearly mentioned one by one what trials and tribulations the Muslims will have to face in the times to come. He has also mentioned simultaneously what the Muslims should do at such a time. (Discourses On Islamic Way Of Life, Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani, Vol 7, page 233-235)

    The Prophet Muhammad predicted the internet/television phenomena. He said:

    “The end of time will not come until someone will tell a lie and it will immediately reach the horizons of the Earth”

    Mentioned by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf source:

  6. He also has good one on prediction of the evil ISIS

  7. Greetings from Jehovas Witnesses

  8. Did you know there are 300 prophecies about Jesus in the OT? Proof, proof, proof. What a bunch of jerks.

    • @Agnostic

      So what if there are 300 prophecies about Jesus in the OT? We believe he was a true Prophet of God.

      Do you know how many prophecies exist that you would be born to be a dumbass, live life like a jackass, and end up dying as a lonely fucktard with his head up his ass?

      Seriously man, why dont you give up and leave this site? All you do is embarrass yourself.

      Paul, please ban this cumstain from this site

  9. @ Imran

    Oh okay you admit being non Muslim perfect. Well may Allah guide you to Islam.

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