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  1. When the two David’s agree that darwinian evolution is not remotely possible in the time the earth existed but still say they don’t want to accept intelligent design, it reminds me of the (I think couple) verses in the Qur’an where God says that even if all the signs of the universe were given to them, they would not believe.

    At least one other verse says that no one can believe despite how much signs he or she receives unless God allows them to believe and I assume that it is unlikely, God would allow arrogant people to believe.

    This is not at all to suggest that those who are believers are good people since they were more likely to be born to parents who inculcated belief in them.

    And it is not to suggest that every non believer is bad since they may have not been born to parents who taught them and they may still be searching with some sincerity….but in general when someone gets so much evidence as these two Davids did but still don’t fully prostrate, then there is some disease in their hearts…may God guide them. Ameen.

  2. I just found the famous essay that Gelernter’s recently wrote which what the discussion is based on.


    Actually, he does not say he does not want to accept Intelligent Design in the essay but that for him it needs to explain more…

    “An intelligent designer makes perfect sense in the abstract. The real challenge is how to fit this designer into life as we know it. Intelligent design might well be the ultimate answer. But as a theory, it would seem to have a long way to go.”

    Still, if he is saying that there is no natural explanation as he rejects Darwinian Evolution, then there is some disease in his heart for not accepting a Designer. May God guide him. Ameen.

  3. In my view, the best argument against Darwinism and the chance hypothesis is that there just wouldn’t be enough time for thousands of essential proteins to evolve to create the first cell. It would be impossible for even one protein to evolve by chance let alone thousands.

  4. Here is a great video on the topic based on the book Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen Meyer that made Gelernter no longer believe in Darwinian evolution.

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