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  1. Let’s see how long he can take it


    • He has been a Muslim for over 5 years and it has done him the world of good. I assume you did not actually watch the video through. He has something you don’t have Agnostic: a relationship with his Creator.

      Don’t be a bitch.

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      • You know very well many Western converts leave Islam again or at least come to their liberal reasonable senses again after a while – just look at the development of Cat Stevens for instance


      • Yusuf Islam is not a liberal LOL. Quit bitching about people who have something you have rejected: faith in God. Admit it, you are secretly envious.

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      • The doorknob is envious of pretty much everybody who has intelligence than him, which is pretty much everyone. Well, maybe not Iggy.

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  2. I pray that he is steadfast in faith and become a scholar himself. People like him is the natural bridge to attract more westeners to Islam InshaAllah

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