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  1. Let’s see how long he can take it

    • He has been a Muslim for over 5 years and it has done him the world of good. I assume you did not actually watch the video through. He has something you don’t have Agnostic: a relationship with his Creator.

      Don’t be a bitch.

      • You know very well many Western converts leave Islam again or at least come to their liberal reasonable senses again after a while – just look at the development of Cat Stevens for instance

      • Yusuf Islam is not a liberal LOL. Quit bitching about people who have something you have rejected: faith in God. Admit it, you are secretly envious.

      • The doorknob is envious of pretty much everybody who has intelligence than him, which is pretty much everyone. Well, maybe not Iggy.

  2. I pray that he is steadfast in faith and become a scholar himself. People like him is the natural bridge to attract more westeners to Islam InshaAllah

    • The alternative of bridging access to or exit from an outdated understanding of Islam is freely available

      • @ Eric

        Further proving your point about who these people quote. Agnostic thinks we should be influenced by a man who thinks we should have sex with women on their periods. Again no scholarly credentials just “this is what I feel”.

      • The video guy is just an atheist who hates God.

      • This is a very unconvincing argument :L

        Allah guides who He wills.
        Those He guides, non can lead astray.
        Those He misguides, non can save.

      • He is an ex-orthodox missionary who uses his intellect (as demanded in Quran by the way) and applies philosphical/historical arguments. Just as Williams does regarding his understanding of Christianity.

      • There was not much critical thinking going on here.

      • Yep used that historical/philosophy to conclude the Quran is wrong because you can’t get your redwings in Islam.

        PS. Islam hates philosophy
        PSS. Who cares if he’s an “ex missionary” doesn’t make him qualified lol.

  3. Sameer, you misguided fool.

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