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  1. To be honest, they are both idiots.

    • Oh please. Muhammad(saw) is behind one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen. On the other hand, you are some guy whose wife and kids left him because he would rather be obsessing about internet debates instead of providing for his family.

    • Exactly. QB vs Shamoun – Homo erectus vs Neanderthal. A match made in heaven up there in the clouds where Jesus will come back from.

  2. Nadir Ahmed is one of the worst Muslim apologists you can find. But at least I can respect him for having the courage to do a public debate. I can have a lot of respect for Paul Williams for admitting he is no match for Sam. But for Faiz zero respect, you have no shame. You probably even worst than Nadir. You know you will get exposed. Moderate debate both get equal time, both will get the same advantages and disadvantages. Stopping making excuses. It’s getting very embarrassing, everyone knows now your a coward. Go and debate.

  3. Why does he keep using the word “minions”? Minions imply that the person they follow is a mighty and very strong individual. Anyway, if he doesn’t want to debate, maybe he feels incompetent to do so orally? No shame in that other than not admitting it.

    • ‘Why does he keep using the word “minions”? ‘

      Because ‘Satan’s fans’ doesn’t sound as poetic.

    • Perhaps we should use the terms “agent of satan” like this moron does on every yt rant. It’s hilarious, like someone will just innocently throw in a verse or a thought and this fat filthy blob with an ego like I jave NEVER seen before will start shitting al over the place and say things like ‘agents of satan are attacking me’ looooool. O God the things this blob does when even ONE lummen of light gets taken away from his spotlight is UN f ing BELIEVEBLE.

    • LOL, oh good lord. Pick up a dictionary once in a while angi. A minion is just an underling. Anyone with followers can have minions. It just means that you are subservient and do what you are told, which is exactly what Shamoun’s minions do.


    • Thanks for admitting your profit was worse than a dog since if dogs are useful then pray tell why your women whoring profit murdered dogs, especially black ones? I guess dogs are better than your profit and the jinn that possessed him.

      • Shamoun: Thanks for admitting your profit was worse than a dog..

        According to the dictionary, anything worse than a dog is called a Shamoun.

  4. I can say without being bias, Shamoun is a waste of time to debate academically.

    • Worse still is debating Allah and his dog whom you call a profit seeing he was an illiterate buffoon.

      • Nice respons on fb fatty.
        Just looking for reasons to not debate Nadir Ahmed who btw is also an idiot but nowhere near the level of idiocy that you are at though.

      • @ Shamoun

        Since Muhammad(saw) was an “illiterate Buffon” what does that make Peter and John (one of your alleged authors)?

        “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were UNSCHOOLED, ORDINARY men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”(Acts 4:13)

        Let’s look at the Greek:

        ἀγράμματοί (agrammatoi)
        Adjective – Nominative Masculine Plural
        Strong’s Greek 62: Unlettered, i.e. ILLITERATE.

        ἰδιῶται (idiōtai)
        Noun – Nominative Masculine Plural
        Strong’s Greek 2399: From idios; a private person, i.e. an IGNORAMOUS.


        Lol pretty much everyone at the time was illiterate (I believe 1st century Palestine was batting 98%) but your text claims they were idiots. I find it hilarious that anything you can throw at Islam is in a much worse form in your text.

      • Peter and the apostles and Muhammad (pbuh) all lived in a time when schools were not a common thing. They came from poor regions, so it’s not at all surprising.

        But what excuse do uneducated people like Shamoun and his minions have? They live in a time where schools are not only common but there are so many options. Nowadays, we even have online schools! So, what’s the excuse?

      • Shamoun: Worse still is debating Allah and his dog whom you call a profit seeing he was an illiterate buffoon.

        Muhammad(saw) united Arabia. You can’t even get Faiz to debate you. Lol.

      • KMAK, we did debate. Shamoun lost the written debates. But we can’t blame him. He doesn’t have the time anymore to write coherent, well-thought out articles anymore.

      • ‘If I lost the written debates…’
        You DID lose them you idiot. The fact you can’t handle the bitchslaps you’re getting and the fact you can’t defend your pornbook that brought forth playboy and the sequel of fifty shades of grey, just makes me think how that must hurt your twin bazookas that pop up in every selfie you make.

        Poor poor fattt shamoun.

      • If I lost them then why are you Muhammadans afraid to then school me in live debates? The fact is you guys are aware that your dog refuted nothing, but simply produced reams of nonsense where he again misquotes his sources, fails to refute the main objections, and tap dances behind reams of nonsense in imitation of the Quran. As I stated if I had more time I would stoop to this dog’s level and spend all day and night refuting his pathetic responses. And if need be I will eventually come around to doing just that so I can further muzzle Muhammad’s dog for all to see. However, please refute me and embarrass me by taking me up on my debate challenges if you really think I lost. But we all know that you guys no better since neither your god nor his women whoring profit can help you.

    • Shamoun: If I lost the written debates then all the more reason to face me in a live exchange…

      I promise to give you a live exchange if you post a picture of your divorce papers.

      • I promise to post them if you post the hadiths where your women whoring profit whored women calling it muta and raped them as well, including married ones, after attacking their people and lands per Q. 4:24.

      • Shamoron: I promise to post them if you post the hadiths…


        Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man. (Shahi Bukhari)

        Now it’s your turn to post your divorce papers.

  5. Scam, I’m just trying to find something for you to do. Since you like mouthing off, you can do that with Nadir. He’s waiting. Do you accept his challenge?

    As for me, I will move on to writing new articles. Just let me know when you want to debate Nadir. He’s itching to slaughter you on the Biblical genocide (pun again intended).

  6. @ QB

    Very good point. How is literacy so widespread nowadays but these people know nothing about their texts? It’s quite ironic.

  7. I challenge Shamoun to get off the internet for a month and work a 9 to 5 job.

    • And do what? Work at McDonald’s with the WoB?

    • Shamoun: I’m sure you don’t mind raping women and treating them like whores like your whore of Allah used to do

      Says the guy that fantasizes about other people’s wives. You sick pervert!

      Shamoun: Anyway, until you girls man up and agree to accept my debate challenge I return to further exposing your filthy women whoring and raping profit.

      No. What are you gonna do, go on a FB rant? Will that get your wife and kids back? Nope.

      Anyway, your impact on the Muslim world, much less scholarship, is exactly 0. What’s the point of your ‘exposures’ if they don’t affect anyone other than your handful of groupies?

    • @ Shamoun

      This is hilarious so just in this small exchange:

      1. You didn’t deny Peter and John (one of your alleged Biblical authors) was illiterate (as well as pretty much all of Palestine).
      2. You never responded to the Daddy’s hordes raping and pillaging across the Middle East according to your text
      3. You never defended the “baby murdering, no faith having, genocidal, adulterous, lying, incestuous, racist, magic-using idol-worshipping drunkards” you call prophets.
      4. You never explained why you wanted a “live debate” when you were fine having a written one previously until you were getting creamed.

  8. @ KMAK and QB

    Since they have a problem with minions maybe you should call them groupies! How’s that sound QB?

  9. Did david wood screw this guys head up or is it vice versa? Either way there both nut jobs.

  10. Wow, all these boys can do is run from a debate. I’m sure that MoFlamer loved taking it up the backside from his two cousins. Out of all that little baby talk I saw you punks do, not one ever tried to set up a debate. You know you’ll get hammered by the Assyrian Encyclopedia cowards. 🙂

    • Assyrian Encyclopedia? You do realize Shamoun never completed high school? Man, Shamoun’s groupies are so stupid.

    • Lol, looks like we have another sexually-frustrated pervert Crosstian who is projecting her insecurities on to hers.

      Set up a debate? You mean the written debates where your master got schooled? Your master excels only at one thing: mouthing off. It’s no wonder he goes around begging for debates.

    • I also don’t get why there should be a debate on something that is not an issue to begin with. If actual scholars(both Muslim and non-Muslim) don’t think Surah 17:1 contains an error, who is Shamoun to think otherwise? Shamoun’s groupies have such low standards for everything.

  11. Shamoun the buffoon… I can’t talk on behalf of QB but if shamouns groupies want to find someone to debate QB go ahead and send your best to the challenge.

  12. Praise God to raise up a warrior like you. All glory goes to God. Your articles are valuable as it helps other Christians. I’ve used some of your arguments, and they work. Lord willing, I will go through more videos and articles. Your courage and knowledge makes Muslims run away from public debate. God bless you and your daughters. May God protect you and preserve you for his glory. Amen

    • You can delete this one. Not where I wanted to post.

    • @ Matt 9:38

      I really wouldn’t be bragging about Shamoun. The two were in debate in written form when he lost he then started crying about going live so he could Gisl Gallop. Nobody is scared of Shamoun he is being forced to defend his weak points instead of firing a shotgun of weak ones.

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