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  1. In summary, reason number 1 he won’t debate. Faiz admits he is not as knowledgeable as Sam.

    Reason 2, he knows he will be overwhelmed because he defends a fake religion.

    And the conclusion, if you don’t think he won the written debate it means your bias lol.

    How about both choose one or two topics. You take your time to be ready. 1 month, 2 months, 1 year. Take as much time as you need. So as you don’t feel overwhelmed and become very knowledgeable on the topic. That a solution for your false excuses. Take as much time as you need to get ready. I bet you won’t dare to defend your cult. Everyone knows your a coward.

    Thank to Allah I’m not a Muslim. It’s embarrassing how Muslims are sacred to do a public debate with a Christians. Is that the best Allah can give? Muhammad will be proud of his followers. Running away like a coward tail between his leg.

    You know it will be the end of your career. He will send you to retirement.

    • Isn’t it more embarrassing that so shortly after his wife and kids left him Shamoun takes to fantasizing about other people’s spouses?

      Faiz is not as knowledgeable as Shamoun. This I agree with. Shamoun didn’t even complete high school whereas Faiz has a Master’s degree in biology. Clearly Faiz is way more knowledgeable than Shamoun ever will be.

      • He “knows” Adam the first monotheist prophet was a homo erectus “sent down” from a paradise somewhere in spacetime surrounding earth. A Master in Biology is a terrible thing to waste.

      • Shamoun: Like I said, these jihadis are only men behind aliases and computer screens.

        Not really. We also have wife and kids to provide for. Do you have wife and kids to provide for? Oops. I forgot you are divorced.

      • Fatty Shamoun, Muhammad Hijab did a public debate and COMPLETLY evaporated your psycho girlfriend with a hammer. According to you OWN words your girlfriend is much better debater than you are so if you he sh*t all over woody then that means that he is WAY better than you are.
        Oooooo poor poor fatty shamoun.

  2. You Sammite followers are hilarious:

    1. Sam IS making excuses as he had no issue with a written exchange. He got lit up then started crying for a “live debate”. Now that’s weird why would he want that when they were exchanging writing for months prior? Oh, I know why!

    2. Sam does what is called “Gisp Galloping” let’s read:

    “The Gish Gallop is the fallacious debate tactic of drowning your opponent in a flood of individually-weak arguments in order to prevent rebuttal of the whole argument collection without great effort. The Gish Gallop is a conveyor belt-fed version of the on the spot fallacy, as it’s unreasonable for anyone to have a well-composed answer immediately available to every argument present in the Gallop… Although it takes a trivial amount of effort on the Galloper’s part to make each individual point before skipping on to the next (especially if they cite from a pre-concocted list of Gallop arguments), a refutation of the same Gallop may likely take much longer and require significantly more effort (per the basic principle that it’s always easier to make a mess than to clean it back up again).

    The tedium inherent in untangling a Gish Gallop typically allows for very little “creative license” or vivid rhetoric (in deliberate contrast to the exciting point-dashing central to the Galloping), which in turn risks boring the audience or readers, further loosening the refuter’s grip on the crowd.

    This is especially true in that the Galloper need only win a single one out of all his component arguments in order to be able to cast doubt on the entire refutation attempt. For this reason, the refuter must achieve a 100% success ratio (with all the yawn-inducing elaboration that goes with such precision). Thus, Gish Galloping is frequently employed (with particularly devastating results) in timed debates.”


    He cannot do this in written exchange which is why he lost badly as he is forced to go one point at a time with his weak arguments

    3. As I said earlier to one of you followers you might want to check the Biblical and Quranic text as neither is forbidden:

    You are basing your opinion (like the Trinity) on Roman paganism let’s read instead of talking out of our butts:

    “Adoption that is practiced in modern secular society derives from Roman Law. The secular procedure for adoption involves the removal of all rights and responsibilities from the biological parents, which are then transferred onto the adoptive parent/s. Judaism contrasts to Roman Law, in that the adoptive parents do not entirely replace the role of the biological parents.[4] Jewish Law aligns closer with British Common Law, within which, the importance of royal bloodlines and class meant that an adoption procedure was never introduced.[3]”


    “The adrogatio of the older Roman law—a legal process by which a man can create betweenhimself and a person not his child relations that properly belong only to father and child—is unknown to both Biblical and Talmudic law…Adoption in a legal sense is practically unknown in lands and conditions in which in case of childlessness a man may marry another wife in order to beget a son for his heir (see Koran, sura xxxiii. 3, and Hughes, “Dictionary of Islam,” s.v. “Adoption”)…Adoption in the Roman sense did not exist among the ancient Hebrews”


    …the adoptee child may even marry a person from the adopting family. Since the child is not from the adopting family’s hereditary blood this marriage would not be considered incest.


    So there you have it nothing disgusting just your Roman culture that nobody cares about. Questions, comments or concerns?

  3. @ Everyone

    Hey did anybody notice that Sam accuses Muhammad(saw) of being an “illiterate women whoring and raping pedophile ” but gets quiet when the the “baby murdering, no faith having, genocidal, adulterous, lying, incestuous, racist, magic-using drunkards” he calls prophets in the Bible are mentioned? Isn’t that strange?

    Like does he REALLY want to make good character criteria for prophethood because NONE of these fan fiction characters in his text would make it.

  4. You do realize that a minion is the underling of a powerful person, right? Which means you consider Sam Shamoun to be powerful? Anyway, so you don’t debate verbally. Not sure that written debates are effective, mostly because people tend to lose interest. And, well, its easier to alter what is being said (go back and change a post on facebook, for example). Is there some reason for not doing verbal debates? Being a writer doesn’t mean you cannot orally debate. Are you very shy or just not confident doing oral debates? Either is understandable.

    • written debates are better. More light than heat.

    • ‘Which means you consider Sam Shamoun to be powerful? ‘

      Lol. The guy didn’t even complete high school. We don’t want to engage Shamoun because he is a vile piece of excrement. There’s no winning against internet trolls.

    • More importantly, why is Shamoun having a meltdown because somebody doesn’t want to verbally debate him? What kind of a person has a meltdown because some random guy on the internet doesn’t take him seriously? Clearly we are not dealing with a mentally sound person.

    • Actually, a minion is just an underling. It could be to anyone.

      If people lose interest, that’s their problem. I already talked about this. People with short attention spans, which most Shamoun’s fans seem to be, will not find my articles appealing.

  5. Sham the scam, what more do i really need to say.

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