Insensitivity from non-white Muslims

A white Muslim comments on the video:

“I disagree. Again, being a white Muslim isn’t easy either. We are viewed as traitors to America people. Where does this, “Perfect white life” come from? I’m surprised to hear.this coming from Sh. Walead Mossad. Just pushes us white reverts further away.”

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  1. The Sheikh in the video is adressing racism which is deeply rooted in superior good olde English culture.

    • @ Agnostic

      So in your personal opinion, you believe English culture believes itself superior to others? Also, do you say this as white Englishman or as someone who’s ancestors moved there?

  2. Uhhh…I see what the Shaykh was trying to say but it came out wrong.

    When he says:
    “We will never be white”

    I don’t believe his intention was to be racist I think he meant to say:

    1. “On paper” Arabs are white but nobody sees that culturally.

    2. I think because of colonialism and the success of the West “white culture” was considered the “ideal culture” for the Arabs (and most of the world whether one accepts this or not). So when they came to (at least the US) they tried to assimilate into White America by moving to the suburbs etc and they realized the above point that they are for all intents and purposes “foreigners” regardless of what they do or how many generations they’ve lived here.

    3. White reverts do have an advantage in both their names, cognitive bias, and dawah. If a white revert never mentioned they were Muslim most people wouldn’t know (barring young females).

    With that being said, I do agree with the brother that white reverts do have struggles of being “weird” culturally and also being “outsiders” when going to Islamic gatherings such as Jumuah. This is a good lesson of how Muslims need to be careful with words they use for example because of my mixed heritage people will say things about Europeans forgetting what I am. A lot of people think it’s okay to insult Arabs and white people and we have to remember when we do that:

    1. You’re insulting a prophet somewhere in time
    2. You’re offending a brother somewhere

    • Also in my experience white reverts are often accused of being “spies” and “agents” of the police/government. Such is the paranoia amongst many Muslims.

      • @ Pul

        Well I wouldn’t say the paranoia is unfounded lol (see the documentary (t)error on Netflix) But due to my appearance, I knew I wouldn’t be able to understand where you’re coming from (as after I grew my beard I look “Arab” to people who aren’t intelligent) so I asked my mother (who looks as American as apple pie) and she agreed with you. I agree it’s illogical to assume Caucasian brothers are automatically spies and this is based solely on racism (seriously were like the worst pick for being spy lol) And it goes back to what I said earlier we need to watch what we say about groups of people as we can offend without knowing it. However, I think this is where coming from the West gives us an advantage because as you saw the sheikh said in the video he never grew up around anybody who wasn’t Egyptian so his little bubble never considered other nations being Muslim (which is bad but shows their sheltered, closed offf, world view.)

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