Is Christianity the true religion and do Christians have real faith? The Gospels provide the litmus test…

Will any Christians take the test?

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    • Faiz is a coward. Even looking at his face you can see he is a coward. Stop pissing while squatting like your prophet. Stand up and debate like a man.

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      • Wow! Shamoun has fantasies about other people’s spouses. He really is a piece of excrement.

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      • ‘I’m only joking’

        Yeah, right. Thank you for admitting Shamoun is a pervert (as if we didn’t already know that) who fantasies about adultery. I’m so glad his wife and kids left him.

    • Drop the act Shamoun. We all know it’s you. You won’t get away with your adulterous fantasies by hiding behind different usernames. Only a reprobate would ask ‘What’s your issue with adultery’?

      That you find nothing wrong with adultery shows exactly the kind of sick, dishonest pervert you are, and why your wife and kids are so better off with you.

    • Shamoun: Thank you for attacking your prophet again

      Your lack of education is showing. I was attacking you, not the Prophet(saw). And why are you talking in the third person? You are a bad actor Shamoun, as if being a bad husband and father weren’t enough.

    • @ Shamoun

      You might want to read yours and the Quranic text as neither of these relationships are forbidden:

      1. Regarding Maria, the Copt one can have relations with their slave. So unless you want to call Abraham(as) an adulterer as well this backfires genius.

      2. An adopted son is NEVER an actual biological son. Your modern-day concept of a child literally becoming a blood child is based entirely off Roman law not biblical. Lets read instead of talking from our butts:

      “The adrogatio of the older Roman law—a legal process by which a man can create between himself and a person not his child relations that properly belong only to father and child—is unknown to both Biblical and Talmudic law….Adoption in a legal sense is practically unknown in lands and conditions in which in case of childlessness a man may marry another wife in order to beget a son for his heir (see Koran, sura xxxiii. 3, and Hughes, “Dictionary of Islam,” s.v. “Adoption”)…The Adoption of the slave as son and heir, as indicated in the Bible in the words of Abraham, “One born in my house is mine heir” (Gen. xv. 3), was probably practised frequently in the manner described in I Chron. ii. 34 et seq., where Sheshan is mentioned as having given his daughter as wife to his servant and adopted their sons as his own.

      “Adoption that is practiced in modern secular society derives from Roman Law. The secular procedure for adoption involves the removal of all rights and responsibilities from the biological parents, which are then transferred onto the adoptive parent/s. Judaism contrasts to Roman Law, in that the adoptive parents do not entirely replace the role of the biological parents.[4] Jewish Law aligns closer with British Common Law, within which, the importance of royal bloodlines and class meant that an adoption procedure was never introduced.[3] Similarly, in Judaism, genealogy determines the status of the child, which cannot be removed by a legal procedure.[3]”

      “… the adoptee child may even marry a person from the adopting family. Since the child is not from the adopting family’s hereditary blood this marriage would not be considered incest.”

      Have a blessed day, and meditate on how God has humbled you and convince yourself that you weren’t just made a fool who speaks without knowledge.

    • Every Muslims here can thank Paul Williams. After his brother in Islam got humiliated. He came to the rescue by deleting the messages. Paul Willaims is Allah’s gift to Islam. Faiz is hiding from public debate. Kmak got smack. Paul cleaning up the mess. The requirements to be a Muslim apologist: hide from public debate, divert, lie and delete the comment. Islam is not a religion but a joke. No more wasting time with kids.

  1. That is not what those verses mean.
    “a mountain” is not a literal mountain.
    The mountain or in the context of the same kind of teaching Jesus taught about the fig tree in Mark 11 and Matthew 21
    a mountain in those contexts is a symbol for something that is standing in the way of the moral will of God, but always under God’s sovereignty also. (in Matthew 17 the context was sickness and healing – but God does not always heal us physically by just praying for it or “claiming it” by faith, etc.
    The cursing of the fig tree and the cleansing of the temple in the Mark 11 and Matthew 21 passage shows that Jesus was using those physical things as symbols of apostate Israel who had no fruit. (no good works or love or true faith – the temple in Jerusalem had become a den of thieves and robbers (focused on material things, making money from selling the animals, etc.) and was not being used as a “house of prayer for all the nations” (Mark 11:17 – see the quote is from Isaiah 56:1-7
    “the mountain of the house of the Lord” = the temple in Jerusalem
    The Gospels are hinting at the fact that the temple in Jerusalem will be destroyed in 70 AD, because Jesus is the final sacrifice that fulfills all the previous Levitical – sacrificial system of animals – blood sacrifice.
    The cursing of the fig tree is an illustration of Christ’s righteous anger against apostate Israel, who turned their back on Yahweh because they rejected Him and His Messiah. (Psalm 2:1-12)

    The context of the cleansing of the temple and the cursing of the fig tree shows that Jesus is talking about apostate Israel who rejected Him and His teachings. The Pharisees and leaders had no fruit – only leaves – fakers, hypocrites. The cleansing of the temple shows the same thing. If you read all of Isaiah 56:1-7 (where Mark is quoting from in Mark 11:17) and all of Mark 11-12 and Matthew 21, you would see the meaning of these passages.
    “this mountain” in those chapters means the mountain of the house of the Lord” (Isaiah 56:5- 7; Isaiah 2:2-4; Micah Micah 3:12; 4:1-3; 6:1-2)
    Jesus is speaking against the lack of fruit in apostate Israel and the corruptions in the temple – and is alluding to the future when the temple will be destroyed.
    “have faith in God” Mark 11:22 – means have true faith in God and His Messiah, Jesus, and not the false faith of the Pharisees and apostate Jewish leaders.
    The context goes on to say that Jesus is going to take the kingdom away from Israel and give it to a people who produce the fruit of it – Matthew 21:43-46 – and the Pharisees understood that He was talking about them.
    43 Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people, producing the fruit of it. 44 And he who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust.”
    45 When the chief priests and the Pharisees heard His parables, they understood that He was speaking about them.
    Matthew 21:43-46
the lack of fruit of the fig tree is apostate Israel
the mountain that needs to be removed is the hypocritical external ritualistic religion, that will be removed in 70 AD.
    Jesus is the final substitutionary sacrifice for sins for all time. (Hebrews chapters 7, 8, 9, 10)

    • “the mountain of the house of the Lord” is the Mount Zion on which the temple in Jerusalem stood.

      But Jesus did not mean that we could move literal mountains.

      On the verses about healing and faith – in other contexts – Matthew 17:14-21 –

      Jesus did give power to the disciples and apostles in the first century for healing – spiritual gifts of healings – and Acts 28 and other passages in Acts are the fulfillment of that.

      But no one has that power or those spiritual gifts today.

      But God does do sometimes do miracles in response to prayer – it is all under His sovereignty.

      “Thy will be done” Matthew 6:9-10; Luke 22:42-44

      “if it is according to His will” – 1 John 5:14

      • Ken,It is very clear that Jesus was talking about physical miracles done by faith especially Matth 17. The context was not symbolic. And remember that Jesus ended his statement by this ‘Nothing will be impossible for you’. Therefore, even if it could be concluded that one can remove the hardship standing in the way of the moral will of God, that would not negate the original meaning about miracles. In fact, in Matthew’s gospel in particular there’s this vivid image of physical miracles repeated again and again ‘Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’

      • Good point brother Abdullah!

      • The apostles and first century Christians did indeed do miracles through the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit, as confirmed in the book of Acts. But the miracle-sign gifts ceased after the apostolic age.

        Matthew 17 was about healing and miracles, but Matthew 21 / Mark 11 is about the lack of fruit in the Pharisees / apostate Israel/ the temple.

  2. You know why the majority of 2 billion Christians are more intelligent modern homo sapiens than you? They left the stupidity of your fundamentalist literalism behind. This kind of moronic dawah is so cringeworthy.

    • Lol, I don’t think the Christians need a moronic doorknob agnostic to speak for them.

      Of course they would have to avoid interpreting these promises as literal. They obviously cannot be fulfilled by anyone. That’s the point. So the only recourse is to claim that they are “metaphorical”.

      So how are those neanderthals?

      • Forget all this crap and bring that Coward Faiz out for the debate from his mouse hole where he’s hiding. Mr. Sam is waiting to destroy him it’s a challenge .

      • Has Sam become more mentally unstable after his wife and kids left him?

      • Pavlov my little homo erectus inconsistent hypocrite. What about the literal nonsense in the Quran you will try to bend over backwards to explain it away? Pathetic.

  3. @ Ketul

    Oh, you little Sammites if you only knew. Shamoun and QB have been in writing back in forth in debate for the last couple of months. Shamoun got lit up so now to save face he did his “challenge” on Facebook as if this is the first time. The reason he is so gung ho about “going live” is because all Shamoun does is what’s called a “Gisp Gallop” tactic. All that is just for show as he has had no problem writing before:

    When he lost he started beating his chest saying he was going to “challenge QB to a debate” (as if they weren’t already) so this is like over 2 weeks later after that. As stated he has the last reply and it’s not changing so he is more than free to attempt a refutation (though its went terribly wrong for him so far)

    Nobody is hardly running from Shamoun he is just being limited to actually having to respond point to point on his shallow arguments.

    • Listen u filthy parasite u resemble ur dirty prophet “mo the pedo 😂”
      As he did the same like ur doing , running and
      Hiding from the Truth under the influence of ur
      Father Satan aka allah. Accept the Challenge and
      Come out from ur mouse hole.

      • @ Ketul

        Yeah, one is “hiding” when they had a written exchange for months (and ha the last response) and one side starting crying “Waaa debate me live”. I said it once I’ll say it again whether the argument is written, spoken or in braile, it won’t change. Shamoun took the L and is now trying to declare a victory despite getting creamed (which is why he then acted like a creepy Facebook stalker)

        Also because you know nothing about your religion and accused the Prophet(saw) of being a “pedo” (as you so eloquently put it) what’s the deal with the little Midianite girls in Numbers 31? Or better yet whats the age of consent in the Bible?

  4. Listen u filthy parasite I resemble ur dirty prophet
    As he did the same like ur doing , running and
    Hiding from the Truth under the influence of ur
    Father Satan aka allah. Accept the Challenge and
    Come out from ur mouse hole.

    • Running and hiding? Muhammad(saw) crushed his enemies or got them to join his cause. You, on the other hand, can’t even get Faiz to debate you. Lol.

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