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  1. “submitting to Allah (SWT) and his religion.
    shirk alert.
    This guy obviously doesn’t get the true translation of the shahadah.
    Stewjo and Pavlov, the hate-preaching morons, fail to attack him as a retarded kafir.

    • Moron alert.

      He wasn’t making a declaration of faith dummy. He was just saying that he is submitting to Allah. That obviously means following Islam, His religion. That’s why he wrote:

      “Now I am at a stage where I have no interest in letting go of my religion. Allah (swt) is at the very top of my value hierarchy, and as far as I can see He is there to stay insha’Allah.”

      Only a desperate moron like you would try to twist such a simple statement. Maybe read a little more next time, so you don’t make a fool of yourself? I know, I know. It’s hard for you to go more than a few hours without getting the urge to open your mouth and embarrass yourself.

      So how are those neanderthals doorknob?

      • @ QB

        I’m trying to understand how I’m a “hate preaching moron” for refuting his half-baked arguments and statements, that he doesn’t even have the stones to attempt to defend?

      • When you can’t refute your opponent, declare him a “hate preacher”. That’s how doorknobs operate.

  2. @ QB

    Ahhhhh… that makes sense. I must really have effected him for him to throw my name up in an article:

    1. I didn’t write
    2. I didn’t comment on
    3. Has nothing to do with me

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