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  1. And if you translated using classical Arabic “None is worthy to be worshipped and loved except for Allah” would you end up with the Shahada?

  2. Everyone is worthy of love, even you Paul. A better translation COULD BE? Which indicate Muslims are not sure. Can it be a valid shahada if you are not sure what it means? Maybe Allah is satisfied to hear words that people are not even sure what it means. Even if you think it means blah blah blah. Maybe Allah will still accept it.

    • Many Muslims love you Shamoun (I assume it is you)….you can be stubborn as long as you want but our lives are all short and then you have eternity of regret and pain if you follow something illogical and immoral as the Trinity which Jesus never taught.

      Save yourself from your stubborness…save your self from your stubborn-ness…your stub-born-ness

  3. Excellent!!!

    Excellent observation on how the Shahada should be translated…this is very important since it reminds the Muslim that even if they do not take something as God, they may still very will be going against the Shahada if they venerate it and love it too much….

  4. I think one can add to this further…imagine if the shahada said….

    There is no ilaha except an ilaha.

    That would be a contradiction since it is saying there is no ilaha and saying there is an ilaha.

    Now, one can say that Al-ilaha becoming grammatically joined to become Allah is saying that there is no god except God….

    But what this should remind us that a small “g” god is indicating a being not with the absolute power of God….

    So the shahada is NOT saying that we should not worship the small god but only the big God….but rather

    the shahada is saying that there is no real small god in existence….all derive their existence from only one God….The God…

    Thus, it is illuminating the real absolute nature of God…of Allah…The God is not the best in a relative sense but He is the cause of all existence….there is nothing that can have the smallest independence…there is nothing that can be a god in the minutest of sense….all service all of their existence and powers from The God…from Al-ilhaha ….from Allah

  5. As in this COULD BE a better way to translate it into English. God why are kuffar so retarded?

  6. Well it is stated that sincerity is half the deen! Keep it simple and keep it clean. If one nitpicks too much, then one can go back to the idiotic importance of ‘how many angels can dance on the head of a pin’! Perhaps, Insha ALLAH this might help: In doing the Shahadda – try and preface that saying with the study of ALLAH’s Names in your heart. Hence, the no god but GOD will take on a greater meaning internally – in the heart!

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