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  1. Ashkenazis generally have higher than average IQ. I doubt 32% of the Nobel Prizes went to Mizrahis.

  2. Jewish occupants of excellency are liberal Jews or agnostic.

  3. I think Muslims should simply accept that Ashkenazic Jews in general may be smarter than average people.

    Also, Jewish culture promotes learning more than in Muslim and non-Jewish societies

    And Jews work hard….at least that was the situation for last several hundred years but they are most likely not working as hard now since they are doing so much greatly better now almost everywhere in the world than in the past

  4. Perhaps the more intelligence of Jews is one reason why and how they are favored over all peoples as God says in the Qur’an….

    Although Ashkenzic Jews are not as Jewish as Sephardic Jews, they have at least a little bit of Jewish blood and this is especially the case with those who are Cohanim as the genetic tests showed

    Allah knows best

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