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  1. This is why I say this guy is a joke like his deen and Islam’s dog: https://answeringislamblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/21/how-the-theology-of-the-psalms-proves-that-muhammad-was-a-false-prophet/

    Lord willing, once I am done decimating this piece I will share it here for Islam’s vile poodle to read.

    • @ Shamoun

      Yeah, that was a reach.

      1. The Jews do not believe this.
      2. What is rejected is turning the Messiah into a demigod, not the word “son”. This title is simply what the Jews call their kings (hence the mentioning of the word Messiah)


      Literally, ALL your points can be reconciled into referring to a righteous king, not some diving being to be worshipped alongside God. I find it strange you claim to believe in monotheism but literally just tried to worship another god alongside God the One True King.

    • Poor fatty. Go ask your girlfriend pervy dave for some advice. Even your comicbook points towards Islam being the true religion.

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