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  1. I was so rooting for Ken.

  2. Another good one.

    • Hmm I understand what you mean but the constant idolising their own trash meaningless-molecules-zapping ideology is just unberable.

      • @Atlas

        Yeah, I agree. I just like that they refute Hitler being an atheist as most people don’t know that he was a hardcore Catholic.

  3. It’s a cutsie and clever presentation by typical atheists and skeptics, and a lot of the examples can be turned against Islam also. All of those questions have been answered for centuries by proper exegesis, consistent theology within the Bible itself, and sound reasoning.

    • Sure, sure Ken. How was your experience on this game show by the way?

      You see, normal people who use their reason will only come to one conclusion after reading the Bible: it’s not inspired or infallible.

      But then, you’re not normal so we can see why you wouldn’t come to that conclusion.

    • No. Islam is not like your nonsensical religion which has driven Europe to the darkness of atheism.

      // All of those questions have been answered for centuries by proper exegesis, consistent theology within the Bible itself, and sound reasoning //
      Not even in your dreams! You just repeat your nonsocial eisegesis again and again, and no one buy it.

  4. Eric Metaxes has written an excellent chapter on “Nazi Theology” in his book about Deidrich Bonhoeffer.
    Hitler was baptized a catholic, but getting wet as a baby does not convert the soul, and furthermore – according to their own theology within the Roman Catholic Church he was considered lapsed – that is an apostate – he left the faith and he used an external cultural veneer of German religiosity to fool and trick the regular German people and unfortunately they fell for his trickery. Both the majority who were Lutherans in the southern Germans who were Roman catholic they fell for his deception because they excepted a kind of Christianity that is not a real from the heart it is not from being truly born-again and conversion it was a cultural political thing.

    He obviously was not a “hard-core” Catholic .

    Hitler actually despised true Christianity because he thought it was weak and wimpy – he admired the war like characteristics of Islam and the Japanese religion better.


  5. The first two examples can be turned against Islam .
    Gods anger does not last forever in this life and if someone repents but God’s anger does last forever once they go to hell .

    The second example he says that God tempted Abraham but God did not tempt Abraham to do evil, rather God tested him – there is a difference between tempting to sin, and testing our faith through trials.

  6. Satan or God?
    Ken: Hmmmm 🤔.
    The host : Correct, both will do! 😂😂

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