Early Jewish Christians and the Bible

Professor Bruce Metzger in The Canon Of The New Testament concludes after studying the Apostolic Fathers that:

For early Jewish Christians the Bible consisted of the Old Testament and some Jewish apocryphal literature. Along with this written authority went traditions, chiefly oral, of sayings attributed to Jesus. On the other hand, authors who belonged to the ‘Hellenistic Wing’ of the Church refer more frequently to writings that later came to be included in the New Testament. At the same time, however, they very rarely regarded such documents as ‘Scripture’. [pp. 72]

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  1. So, the NT wasn’t even regarded as scripture by the Gentile Christians? But the fundamentalists tell us this book is the infallible and inspired word of God. 🤔

  2. Bruce Metzger

    The question which should be asked is why Paul was not interested to write the teachings of Jesus from the mouthes of his disciples while he had the chance to do that?

    • @ Abdullah 1234

      That’s an interesting point I hadn’t thought of. To expand on this, its actually weird that Paul rarely quotes anything from Jesus(as) for that matter. If I’m writing to a masjid for example that is doing sin I am going to appeal to what the Prophet(saw) said to get them in line because then it’s not my personal suggestion they would be directly disobeying the Prophet(saw). So why nit give us more quotes from Jesus(as)?

      It’s really weird. There’s nothing in their writings from James (or the rest of the Disciples). The last major piece I can’t figure out in Early Christianity

      • (Sorry my finger hit post comment)

        The last major thing I can’t figure out (otherwise I got it I have a pretty good idea) is why didn’t the Jerusalem church give a harsher response to Paul? From what I gather they were probably debating the Jews and got wiped out by the Romans but why only the small investigations into Paul’s teachings?

  3. I’m trying not to take this too personally, but there is way too much bashing of Paul in the comments 🙁

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