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    A succinct and rational explanation by Jonathan Brown, one of the foremost Islamic scholars of our time.

  2. I agree that most Muslims as people do not do Terrorism things like Isis and Boko Haram, and Al Qaeda. Most Muslims are peaceful and hospitable people who just want to live life, and work and get married and raise families yes .

    The problem with the argument that Dr. Brown makes is that he switches from the content of the doctrines and texts and switches to the people in the different countries and their application to their lives today .

    He also seems to treat the bad Muslims like the Taliban and Isis and Boko Haram, and Al Shabbab, and Al Qaeda, and bitter Saddam Hussein generals – as people who cannot help themselves – they have to react badly to trials.

    Why could not Islam it self teach them to respond in patience and working together to rebuild their country ?

    Because the hatred between the Sunnis and the Shiites ( and other ethnic group tensions within the political boundary of Iraq ) kept them from that – from being civilized with each other – the Malaki government was not good either, after sadam was toppled, it actually created more hatred between each other .

    Aren’t those groups responsible for their own sinful reactions to the trials in this life ?

    Does not Allah hold them accountable for their reactions to economic stress and cultural upheavals and hardships ?

    I am not justifying the war in Iraq – I am just saying that it seems to me that there is a tendency in the Muslim world to blame their own problems on others. There is a lot of conspiracy theories among Muslims that behind the curtain the dictators and the Jews are controlling the world .

    Does this come from the idea that Allah is the best trickster, deceiver, schemer ?

    Why not take responsibility for one’s own reactions or one’s own self-pity and anger and feelings of injustice ?

    Blaming others is a human tendency it goes all the way back to Adam and Eve and we see this in Genesis chapter 3 .

    • @ Ken

      Your post is what we call a “first world understanding”. God has blessed you with a good life so you don’t understand what it is like to be oppressed, TRULY poor and uneducated. These people are SUPER pissed off and it’s hard to explain things rationally to them (again not defending just saying what the reality is). Take for example, Egypt back in the day if you were born poor it is HIGHLY unlikely you will ever move up the social ladder.

      Oppression, poverty, and lack of religious/worldly education are what is causing these issues, not Islam. If you don’t believe me then explain the Lord’s Resistance Army, the KKK or Hitler. All Christian organizations but what is the shared commonality? Hmmm…

      Colonialism and Israel are HUGE factors in their politics if you don’t think so then idk what to tell ya. This like saying why do you get mad at the people who broke into your house, this goes back to Genesis 3 of blaming others. No, Islam has been in these areas for over a 1,000 years and no issues like the present so again what is the thing that’s different Ken? I believe you can put it together

    • I’m not sure what an evil spirit you have, Ken so that you vomit this ignorance. Don’t you really know that the west plays a key role in the region? Are you really so that ignorant or jus a liar? For example, what happened in Iraq after the Crusade announced by your president, which was as we all know based on lies, do you really believe Oil has nothing to do with the matter? Don’t you know that the stability in the region as its People want would threaten the injustice western interests?And that’s why the west makes sure to do the “stability” by its own way in which the majority of people’s opinions are not important.

      Let’s take an example, the civilized France went “peacefully” to Algeria to preach its “light”.

      However, when the Algerian “terrorists” began fighting against those “peace makers”, France made sure not to leave the region without seeding its own men. Do you think those men are supposed to be for democracy the idol of the west? Of course not! Because the Algerian people are not educated enough to elect those men who love the west more than the people of the land in the region! It would be a threat to France and its light, so the tyrants are the best choice. What would happen if the west thought the people of the region became educated enough to choose the western clients, but people chose the exact opposite party? It’s easy! the answer is a military coup as it’s happened in Algeria 1991! After all, it’s better for Algerian people to get ruled by a Mummy till they learn enough how to respect the “light of France”

      What about your country, Ken which was built on the blood of the native peoples?

      • A lot of good points there, Abdullah1234. I don’t justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003 (it was a big mistake), nor what happened in Chile or Algeria.

      • Or Iran. Or the Phillipines. Or El Salvador. Or the Congo. Or Ghana. Or Indonesia. Or Afghanistan. Or Cambodia. Or Vietnam. Did I miss anyone?

    • Still repeating the same trash and propaganda that I already refuted? This is the proof that you are a lying demon who masquerades as a serious person interested in the facts.

  3. @ QB
    Lol oh a whole lot I’ll help finish:

    Or its establishment in North America itself. Or Mexico. Or the Indian Wars. Or Spain. Or Panama. Or Haiti. Or the Dominican Republic. Or Nicaragua. (Really you can go back and reread those again as they happened more than once) Or WW2. Or Korea. Or Lebanon. Or Grenada. Or Libya. Or the first Gulf.

    And breathe, Whew. Alright, now that wasn’t EVERY conflict btw these were just DIRECT conflicts where the US was either the aggressor, lied, contradicted its own principles or was in the wrong.

  4. Oh, and Lord’s Resistance Army, the KKK and the Nazis declared they were Christian but okay their not. Again lack of consistency.

  5. Alhamdulilah. May Allah give us guidance, and have mercy upon us. Ameen.

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