How a Dice can show that God (almost certainly) exists

Is the universe that produced us just a result of a chance roll of the cosmic dice? Justin Brierley, presenter of the apologetics debate show Unbelievable? explains why his dice (yes we know it should be ‘die’ really) proves otherwise.

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  1. I think before we discuss the matter of chances and possibilities with atheists, we should ask how this substance has come to exist in the first place? In other words, before we discuss the possibilities of numbers of dice’s faces that we could get, we should ask how this dice came to exist in the first place?

    When they say it just came to exist spontaneously from nothing, then the discussion ends from its beginning!
    Hawking said in his book ( The Grand Design ) pp. 144, ” Because there is a law of gravity, The universe can and it will create itself from nothing
    In other words, he says because there’s a hand to throw the dice with, the dice and the hand can, they will create themselves from nothing!
    Atheists always jump to the subject of possibilities of how this universe has come to exist with these physical laws that we can observe and understand without asking how the substance of this universe and these laws have come to exist in the first place!

    (( Indeed, Allah holds the heavens and the earth, lest they cease .And if they should cease, no one could hold them [in place] after Him. Indeed, He is Forbearing and Forgiving )) QT

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