God-breathed error

Professor Ehrman makes a good point below. As a committed evangelical Christian I wrestled with the problem of Paul’s error for a very long time. But Paul was just a man who got some things wrong and there is nothing odd or surprising about that. Unfortunately, his occasional letters to churches have acquired the status of inerrant Word of God and Holy Scripture, and for many Christians this inevitably creates a massive problem.

Ehrman published this on his Facebook page a while ago. The spelling is pretty dodgy..

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  1. In the text he makes it clear that he may not “remain” until the coming of the Lord. Paul also uses the word “alive” not just to mean physical existence but also spiritual life. This makes it clear that the rapture is an experience that only those who are saved and born again, i.e. spiritually alive, will experience.

  2. Well Paul is describing it so for me it is true. That’s all there is to it.

    Don’t believe you anyway.

  3. Thank you for sharing.

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