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  1. I always insist that John’s gospel doesn’t present Jesus as God Himself as the christians’ claim.

    This gospel has some issues, yet it doesn’t say Jesus is God Himself. I challenge christians to interpret that gospel based on its the clearest statements made by Jesus in the same gospel such as (John 17:3).

    Not to mention Jesus’ refutation for the jews in the same gospel

  2. Jesus could have put more people in the group in John 10 if the unity was just one of purpose or will. He didn’t. He restricted the ontological unity to exist only between himself and the Father.

    John 17 v 21 is a difficult text to unravel. But God is not as simple as we would like, or demand, him to be.

  3. Williams, would you or any other Muslims care to debate me on these texts in a live discussion via google hangouts or skype? If so email me: sam.shmn@gmail.com

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