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  1. Apostasy will hit like at sunami

    • The video shows the secular west is creating doubts in young Muslims’ hearts and minds – the secular west among the population and culture and University systems, are the results of the same kind of skepticism / anti-supernatural bias that drives the scholarship that Paul Williams usually promotes.

    • I think this guy is an ex Isma’eeli, which is a cult that in some level thrived in some years of Abbasid period. It’s has nothing to do with Islam. May Allah guide him to Islam.

      Let me remind you all with these verses in Qur’an

      “And Moses said, “If you should disbelieve, you and whoever is on the earth entirely – indeed, Allah is Free of need and Praiseworthy.” QT

      “Here you are – those invited to spend in the cause of Allah – but among you are those who withhold [out of greed]. And whoever withholds only withholds [benefit] from himself; and Allah is the Free of need, while you are the needy. And if you turn away, He will replace you with another people; then they will not be the likes of you.” QT

      “O mankind, you are those in need of Allah, while Allah is the Free of need, the Praiseworthy. If He wills, He can do away with you and bring forth a new creation. And that is for Allah not difficult. ” QT.

  2. The Muslim Imam in the video admits that the society and community in Muslim majority societies/ countries keeps everybody in line.

    Like the evil Empire in Star Wars:
    “fear will keep the local systems in line” (around 00:40 second mark)

    Then later, Vader says,
    “I find your lack of faith disturbing” and is choking the guy. Like Islamic force and violence to force people to obey – the Al-Jabbar الجبار (the enforcer, irresistible one)

    • @ Ken

      Yet according to your text (and history), you were the guys murdering everyone and are THEE image that pops into people’s mind when they think of religion controlling the masses.

      Of course, rules in society are meant to maintain order and you are stupi\d to think otherwise. This is why we have legal codes, so you simply think humans should decide this instead of God which shows your lack of actual faith

      Finally, because you used this “joke” earlier with me let me post my response for everybody else. if we are The Empire Strikes Back well Early Christianity is “The Life of Brian”. Perfect scene to sum it up:



      I am now starting to shift to QB’s opinion that you are a liar and deceiver because OUT OF YOUR OWN TESTIMONY Al Jabbar is one of God’s attributes in the Bible. So despite your holier than thou attitude you are actually worse than Sam or Emma because at least their honest in their biases and hostility to God’s religion and don’t hide knowledge (mostly due to their lack of it)

      As for those who hide the clear proofs I revealed, as well as the Guidance, after I made it clear for the people in the Scripture. They are cursed by God and by all who make curses. (Q 2:159)

      Fear God.

      • Though Al Jabbar in Arabic and Ha Gibbor in Hebrew are cognate as far as language goes, you have no love or Fatherhood of God or incarnation or atonement in order to balance the decrees in God’s sovereignty.

      • I already fear God. Proverbs 10:9; 2 Corinthians 7:1; Philippians 2:12-13

  3. @ Ken

    All your claims backed by no evidence.

    • @ Ken

      No, you don’t. You:

      1. Just lied and tried to pretend Al Jabbar was not mentioned in the Bible for people not aware,

      2. More importantly, worship things alongside Him which makes you ungrateful of the favors He has bestowed upon you alone.

      • I am fully aware of the cognate relationship of the language of Al-Jabbar الجبار and Ha-Gibbor הגבר (the mighty one). In fact, the angel Gabriel’s name is related – Gabr – GBR – iel – the mighty one of El – for the mighty angel. I know that.

        My point is that Islam is strong on God’s Sovereignty, as is Biblical Calvinism / Reformed Theology, but Islam does not have the the Love of God; nor the Fatherhood of God, the Incarnation of the Son (humility and condescension), the atonement / salvation from sin, the powerful resurrection (victory over sin, Satan, death) that balance out the Divine Decrees of Sovereignty that are part of the Al Mighty One (Al Jabbar – the enforcer, the irresistible one).

        Just because I did not mention also in the same breath every time I make a point about Al Jabbar being a cognate related linguistic term to Ha-Gibbor in Hebrew, does not mean I am lying.

        It is a bad method that many Muslims have of, seemingly, when they run out of rational arguments, to jump on something that is a matter of debate or argumentation and accuse “you are lying!” “you are a hypocrite”, etc.

        Logically, we both believe in our respective religions and that if Christianity is true, then Islam is false, and if Islam is true, then Christianity is false. Defending each other’s believe through evidence and argumentation is not lying. So stop accusing me of that.

        I wrote this in 2013, which proves I am not lying.
        I agree with God’s Sovereignty. God is Almighty, and His grace irresistable. He does what He pleases. Psalm 115, 135

        But you have no love of God or Fatherhood of God or Incarnation or atonement or salvation or forgiveness to balance out the Sovereign Decrees and Power of Allah.

        It is the incarnation of Jesus, the eternal Son, who shows us who the true God is. John 1:18


  4. @ Ken

    No, you tried to spread a lie to people not aware and are now trying to cover your tracks because you got called out on it. Let’s read your nonsense:

    “Like Islamic force and violence to force people to obey – the Al-Jabbar الجبار (the enforcer, irresistible one)”

    Ignoring your ignorance and atrocious grammar of saying “the the Irresistible”. You made it sound as if this attribute is only in Islam in your comment which is all someone would see, not any of the other links you have now posted. So it is very much appropriate to call you a liar as you were purposely spreading false information.

    Now regarding your points, God does not need an idol to be worshipped alongside Him to show His attributes of Love, Mercy being Ever Living, etc as these attributes had been made manifest long before Jesus. As I agree that Christianity is false and easily proven to be, I will remind you of what has been dubbed the “Achilles Heel of Christianity” on this blog which is:
    “Before Jesus how did the other nations outside of Israel achieve salvation?”

    Other nations had long been aware of the One True God and went to Heaven without the idol that you have taken to be worshipped alongside Him. Worship God alone or expect punishment in the Next Life.

    So in conclusion, Ken:

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