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  1. Not only that but Christians always talk about how amazing Jesus was and that demons were afraid of him and ran. Yet you have the devil who TAKES THEIR GOD to a mountain and then tells him to BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP HIM.
    That’s literaly the most arrogant/cocky/anything BUT afraid attitude one can ever have.

  2. Christian zombie: But…but…but…Luke says it was “in a moment of time”, so there!

    A rational person: So Luke, being an educated Gentile, was trying to fix the error of the uneducated Christian who wrote the gospel of Matthew.

    Christian zombie: Na ah! You don’t have the holy spirit, so you don’t understand!

  3. The wisdom i get from this is when shaytan says fall down and worship me. Shaytan wants to be glorified like god, jesus(as) says “worship the lord your god and serve only him”. Its clear in this verse that shaytan knows how to worship god by falling down. Muslims are doing exactly what jesus(as) was teaching falling down 5 times a day.

  4. It is just not that hard to imagine that it was a super natural vision like a large television screen or movie screen where he could see the kingdoms of the world and in their glory.
    The high mountain provided the area to get a good look of the large supernatural vision Of the kingdoms.

  5. Furthermore according to tradition there is a very high mountain cliff in Israel, that is called the mount Of temptation- that if you look at it and look at the video it is very high and so this fact together with the supernatural vision completely destroys your argument.


    • Sshhhh🤫

      • Why? (why be quiet) Doesn’t those 2 points answer the question?

      • No, they don’t Pennywise.

        You see, Luke was smart enough to change the language of Matthew because Matthew was an uneducated dummy who thought the earth was flat. That’s why he needed a very high mountain in his story. The kicker is that out of all the possible Greek words to use, he chose “kosmos” which means the whole world. Luke used a different word, which was usually limited to the Roman empire, thus avoiding the flat Earth implication.

      • There is nothing in the text about the earth being flat. You are defeated again. You are a waste of time.

      • The word “kosmos” means the whole world stupid. How would it be possible to see the all the kingdoms of the world from a very high mountain? It would not be possible with a round earth, no matter how big the mountain was. However, with a flat Earth, it would be possible IF the earth was really small and the mountain was really big. Think about the tree in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision. The Babylonians had a flat Earth cosmology too.

        You are defeated again. You are a waste of time. No go cry in your sewer hideout Pennywise. 🤡

      • The differences between Matthew and Luke in their wording and vocabulary and Greek grammatical structure, proves that there is no “plagiarism” (against Stewjo004’s accusation) since both Matthew and Luke use different words and synonyms to express the same historical event.

      • Luke copied the story from Matthew and made his own adjustments to eliminate the embarrassing parts of Matthew’s version. So yes, there was plagiarism but Luke was smart enough to change some parts to avoid embarrassing himself as well.

        Why did Matthew use “kosmos” while Luke used “oikoumene”? Because the latter was used by Greek writers to refer to the “inhabited” world, which was considered to be all parts of the Roman empire.

        Pennywise the radioactive clown is nuked again.

      • Nope; he did not just change a few words, whole Greek structure is different. Since you guys don’t know Greek, you cannot see how different it is.

        You lost. and you are a waste of time.

      • You’re pathetic and a waste of time. Whatever changes Luke made don’t apply to Matthew. You’re still stuck with Matthew’s choice of words. Show us how Matthew’s choice of words and structure imply a “vision”. Go on Pennywise.

      • Pennywise doesn’t realize how he keeps digging himself into a bigger hole with his answers. 😂

      • Yes, they fully answer the issue and nuked your whole argument and article.

      • No, they expose their deceit and desperation. The text nukes them and you.

    • And it couldn’t be a “vision” because such a vision didn’t need a very high moutain to show it. Again, Luke had to update Matthew’s version because it was too stupid and embarrassing for his tastes.

  6. 💩 > ken

  7. @ Ken

    I didn’t say anything about the verse so don’t bring my name into the discussion. But if you want examples of plagirism I can show you as this is standard in NT scholarship hence how the Synoptic Problem and Q was started to begin with. Don’t get mad mad at me because I read.

  8. Jonathan Mclatchie had a hard time answering this question!
    Enjoy 🙂

    • @ Abdullah 1234

      jsafababh…Jesus is a high priest…hfabhfakfhk…Luke Chapter 4 Son of man…God has given him…hfgjhfagjahj… Satan ruler of a physical kingdom.

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